My Regimen For Relaxed & Natural Hair

For my Natural Hair My Regimen was based off of using Texturemenatural Products. You can see her products at or you can visit her facebook page . Her page really helped me a lot during my hair journey. You can scroll down her page and LEARN SO MUCH its ridiculous. You’ll some stuff you may have never knew from regular natural hair places.

My Natural Hair Regimen Consisted of:

  1. Moisturize my hair everyday to every other day. I use the baggy method everytime after I moisturized my hair. I had problems with moisture staying my hair and the baggy method really improved that for me. My moisture regimen was texturemenatural’s hair tea to spray on my hair. If I ran out of hair tea then I just used water to saturate my hair. I then used texturemenaturals moisturizer to moisturize my hair. If I ran out of moisturizer I used a organic conditioner instead. I sealed my hair with texturemenatural healing butter (shea butter mixture) or  texturemenatural’s Macadamia Styling Cream. If I did not have neither of those I used Jamaican Black Castor oil mixed with olive oil and rosemary oil to seal.
  2. Deep condition once a week: Spraying my hair with acv (Apple cider vinegar) as my wash then applying my deep conditioner. I used a lot of recipes for my deep conditioner.  After deep conditioning my hair I would apply texturemenatural clay detox. It really brought out my curls. Then I would apply my leave in conditioner. I learned this regimen from Naptural85.
  3. Protein treatment once a month. Always at the end of the month or the beginning of the month I would do this. I used melted peanut butter as my protein treatment. It always did the trick. What I did not know was that I should have been doing a deep conditioner AFTER doing my protein treatment. I started doing that a few weeks before I relaxed my hair.


My Relaxed Hair Regimen is very similar to my natural hair regimen. Not much has changed:

  1. Moisturize my hair everyday to every other day. I baggy method my hair still after moisturizing it. I am currently using water to saturate my hair. For moisture, I am using Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Conditioner or Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion. I alternate between them every time I moisturize my hair so I dont cause build up or my hair becomes resistant to one. My hair really like the herbal essences, the suave not so much. But I’m going to use it up. For my sealing, I use a extra viring olive oil and rosemary oil mixture. I plan on creating another mixture with extra virgin olive oil, sunflower seed oil, grape seed oil and rosemary oil. I’m waiting for my new spray bottle and grape seed oil to some in mail. I’m also going to try to put this whole regimen in a bottle altogether and see how it works. I got this idea from Sharmaine369 who is now going natural unfortunately for me :(.
  2. Deep condition my hair once a week. I’ve tried many diy recipes for deep conditoners but the one my hair REALLY liked was the mayo mixed with honey and olive oil. So that is my deep condition regimen. I still spray the acv on first. After I finished my deep conditioner I moisturize and seal my hair.
  3. Protein treatment once a month. I use peanut butter and extra virgin olive oil melted together as my protein treatment then I apply my deep conditioner after I rinse the protein treatment.

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