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**Last Updated: 3/10/2014**

Welcome to my blog vNatural the follow up on my blog http://journeytolong.wordpress.com/. I’m so glad you decided to join me.

A little about myself. My name is Jazzie. I am 21. I am a Virgo. I am Christian and proud. I’m definitely true to my Virgo nature. I live with my mom. I enjoy living with her rent/food free but I do have aspirations to branch out (MY Goals). I am a homebody at heart but I’m also very independent. I don’t like asking for help, I like being able to do for myself.

The internet takes up most of my time. I’m a internet junkie. Some people may think its sad but for me its great. I would be a quiet angry person internally if I didn’t have the internet as my outlet to express myself. I wouldn’t have this blog either without it.


This blog is about everything and anything that comes to mind. One thing that you may notice is that I am the QUEEN of typos. I’m one of those people that publishes their work first then proof reads it later like days later lol. There are no limits on my blog. Anything that comes to mind and I feel I want to express it I’ll post it from photos to full blown paragraph after paragraph. I post depending on how I feel. Some days it might be about my weight, hair or whats stressing me out at the moment.

What brought me to make this blog was my natural hair journey. Before I even started blogging about natural hair journey blog I was blogging prior to that so it came easy to me to start doing it.


As far as my hair journey I am no longer natural. I dyed my hair while I was natural. I went from being relaxed to transitioning in june 2012 to big chopping in oct, 2012 to dying my hair in Jan 2013 to being relaxed/texlaxed again oct 2013. As of now January 7. 2014 I am currently learning how to care for my hair in a relaxed state.


Natural Hair Progress:

big chop progress 4c hair

The first time I relaxed my hair (bone straight) using Lusters Pink Touch Up Relaxer I only relaxed the front to see how I would like it. I deep conditioned my hair then flat ironed it afterward. It came out silky and smooth.

half natural half relaxed dyed hair - 3

I loved the results so I texlaxed the rest of my hair with a kids texturizer. I used extra virgin olive oil to protect my hair instead of vaseline. My hair came out very curly in the back. I messed up the middle of my hair while I was applying the texturizer I pulled on the hair stretching it. I was trying to see if the texturizer was having any effect. So in the end the middle came out like a cross between wanting to be bonestraight and curly. That area felt a little brittle and straw like.

4c Texlaxed Hair

14 weeks later I relaxed my hair using Motions Regular Relaxer. My goal was to get rid of those curls in the back of my head and turn them to bonestraight. At the time my hair was very tangled, matted and unmanageable. It got that way because I flat ironed my hair using a heat protectant that was too harsh on my hair AUSSIE  HAIR INSURANCE HEAT PROTECTANT and I ended up damaging my hair. I once again used extra virgin olive oil to protect my hair from the relaxer instead of vaseline.

My results were that my curls didn’t go away. Even my new growth was still curly. I left the relaxer on 30 minutes instead of the recommended 20 minutes. I later realized that it was the fact that I used extra viring olive oil that hendered my results. All in all I ended up loving it. Plus I can see a lot of hair growth just within 14 weeks. My goal now is to stretch until August or May then in 14/15 weeks relax my hair in time for my birthday :D.


So thats my hair journey I hope no one is dissapointed by me going from natural to relaxed. But you know, everything is not meant for everyone. I’m happy with my results.


6 thoughts on “About Me

    • I wrote about it a little in this post https://vnatural.wordpress.com/2013/10/03/hair-journey-update-growth-baggy-methodgreenhouse-effect-relaxer/
      I went back and forth with the choice. One moment I didn’t want it then the next I did so finally once day I tried it on the front part of my hair only. Then I relaxed the rest.
      I felt like it was affecting the way I was perceived during interviews. Not too many people where I live are use to see natural haired women so I’d throw a wig on and it was hard to get my hard to even blend in because the texture was so dominant. Gel only worked once in a while. The manipulation to my hair really started to wear and tear especially on my edges. Plus I didn’t know how to style my hair. Even though I did experience a lot of growth and I had a great regimen. I’m much happier being relaxed.

  1. I love the result, its what i am trying to get back to while texlaxing i want the curly to, had it BUT my hair was toooo short then, I am working on it now, you should do a you tube video and NO one can get MAD with anybody for doing what THEY want to do with THEIR HAIR!, Do YOU and BE HAPPY.

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