I’m On A Mission To Lose This Weight!

Its going on 4 weeks that my foot still hasn’t healed from my injury. I’ve been trying to put everything on hold until it gets better but one day I can walk fine, the next I cant. So I can no longer wait, I have to act now!

Right now my household is full of snacks that my sister bought. There is NOTHING that can be cooked on the stove or in the over from scratch everything is in a box. That’s weight gain central because snacks and candy never leaves you feeling full, it leaves you feeling sick!

Instead of relying on exercising and eating right like I was before. I am going to lean toward eating right with minimal exercise since I can’t do too much on my feet.

This week I want to put my focus into researching about healthy meals, recipes, plans and diets that I can whip together to help me lose weight. So I’m not eating junk food all day.

Once I gather all my information I am going to pick & choose, go to the grocery store or order online for my supplies and put it to work.



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