The Ingredients to Losing Weight/How To Lose Weight

I’ve been dragging my feet and telling myself excuses on why I am not losing weight properly. I weighed myself on the scale the other day and realized I gained back 3 or 4 pounds. With the bad eating habits that I have been practicing I am FORTUNATE that I did not gain back the 30 lbs I lost last year.

I have been doing everything that I shouldn’t be doing. I’ve been overeating. I’ve been going to bed RIGHT AFTER I FINISH EATING. I’ve been eating even when I’m well aware I’m not hungry. I’ve been eating calorious food like fried chicken, Popeyes and McDonalds but I don’t eat it everyday.

The one thing I can say is that my dedication to water and exercise…is real. I haven’t fallen off of that. There are times when I have sipped a little soda but never more than one, let alone a whole can. If I would have stepped away from water, turned to juice and soda that would have been my 30 lbs weight gain. I used to drink 3 to 8 soda cans a day. All my hard work last year would have went to waste if I would have turned back.

I am no longer afraid to workout. I can actually DO IT without hesitating and it feels great even though I can’t do everything I want because my foot is injured I’m stilling going to go hard with my upper body. I just thank God for his blessings because he is obviously by my side on this. I put on weight VERY easily and to see that I am maintaining the same weight 202 to 210 lbs for over 8 months is a miracle.

Ever since I was a kid I remember my weight always going up, it never went down. Every time I got on the scale my weight was always higher. I remember in 3rd grade I got on the scale I was 93 lbs. Fast forward to 6th – 8th grade I was 120 to 128 lbs. 10th grade I was 160 lbs. 12th grade, 210 lbs. College 240 lbs. College graduation 210 lbs…two hundred and ten. Blessing.

I’ve read book after book, watched Youtube videos after video and took advice on top of advice. I know the ingredients to losing weight and it’s very simple, I’m just being lazy.

If you are just trying to lose weight in general then forget about the lose weight quick diets, the pills and the dvds. You can workout as hard as you want and pop pills but if you keep eating unhealthy food like a monster your weight is just going to come right back splashing in your face and you’ll probably end up bigger than you were when you started because that’s how crash diets and pills work. Now if you can keep off the weight doing those unhealthy starve yourself programs or the pills, good for you but don’t you dare do it again!

Alright, now what to do you need to do? **Warning cursing helps get my point across!**

  1. One of the biggest anti-depressants used the least is exercise. Exercise 3 – 5 days a week at least 30 minutes a day. Exercising reduces the chance of you having a cramp, you think clearly because you’re getting oxygen to the brain. Your heart gets stronger and  your stamina increases. You have more energy and you’re happier. Don’t try exercising 7 days a week. You’ll end up hurting yourself because you didn’t allow your body time to rest.
  2. DRINK WATER! F**k everything else! Green smoothies are bad for you, they lack nutrients and vitamins that you need in your body. If you do drink them, keep it to a minimum.
  3. Eat healthy. A sexy body is made in the kitchen. Everyone knows the basics of what healthy food is fruits, veges & meat are always healthy for you. Your meat is healthy depending on how you cook it. Boil it, bake it and even grilling is your safest bet if you’re a newbie to eating healthy.
  4. Cook your meals. With you cooking your own meals, you know whats going in your body. Processed foods are bad for you especially canned food. Canned foods contain a lot of salt.
  5. BACK THE F**K AWAY FROM SALT! Salt is the enemy. There is NOTHING healthy about salt…NOTHING. It might taste good but are you really going to risk taste over health?Once you take salt out of your food you wont even notice it’s gone.
  6. BACK THE F**K AWAY FROM CANDY! There is nothing healthy about candy. All candy does is make you gain weight and have sugar rushes then you crash.
  7. Stay away from sh*t that is WHITE. (NO PUN INTENDED). Especially bread, its nothing but sugar. If it’s not a fruit, vege or meat (non-processed) then that sh*t is unhealthy put it back. Name 3 foods at the top of your head that are white and not a fruit, vege or meat. Is it healthy?
  8. Eat salad with less dressing and croutons. When people want to lose weight the first thing they do is say,”Oh! I’ll just eat salads until I start to lose weight.” 10 lbs later you’re wondering why you put on weight. IT’S BECAUSE YOU USE HALF OF THE F**KING BOTTLE OF DRESSING WHEN YOU EAT 1 TINY SALAD!!!!!!  Now do me a favor. Take your dressing bottle, turn it to the Nutrition facts side and read it. Do you see that? 1 or 2 tbsp might be a 100+ calories. That’s a bowl of vege soup you could have eaten instead. Soup is more fulfilling and will keep you full.  Now think about all the times you’ve had salad how much dressing did you pour compared to a tbsp or the suggested serving size? For the croutons, re-read #7.
  9. If you can, try to avoid eating fruit after a heavy meal. What happens is the fruit turns into sugar because its so light compared to the meal you just ate. Then what does that sugar turn into? Fat. So eat your fruit before a heavy meal. That gives your body time to burn off that sugar on its own. Don’t worry too much about this step though its just a suggestion. Fruit is good for you, I don’t care what anyone says.
  10. Don’t go to sleep on a full stomach. Eat your meals 3 – 4 hours before bed. What will happen if you don’t? Weight gain, possibly heart burn and you wont sleep as well.
  11. Eat your meals 4 – 6 hours apart. Your body detoxifies its self when your stomach is empty and it rests. If you keep feeding yourself or snacking every hour to the hour, your body wont get a chance to detoxify its self or rest.
  12. Switch it up. Don’t keep eating the same food over and over. A variety means a different amount of nutrients and vitamins in the body everyday. Plus you’ll be happier and never bored.
  13. Lastly, eat wisely. Do not eat until you are full. Eat until you are no longer hungry or content. Don’t fill your plate up. Eat what you know you will eat. Don’t eat it because its there and don’t go back for seconds if you’re not hungry anymore. Save it for later when you are hungry or throw it away. When you eat until you’re full you have officially surpassed your stomach’s limit and stretched it to the max. Now ask yourself, is it nice to treat my body that way?

There are more tips out there but I think I covered the basics. Start doing some things on this list (especially exercise) and you’ll see a change.

I actually can’t believe this post turned into a how to lose weight guide. This is so not what I was going for at all!! Lol example of what happens when you don’t know how to shutup lol 😀



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