Hair Journey Update: To Relax or Not To Relax

I just wanted to say, when I write these hair journey updates it really just me talking to myself in the future. I always come back and reads my hair journey updates just to see where I was at and what I did, when I did it. I a agenda and schedule planner but not everything I do always makes it in there.

My normal hair regimen is deep condition once a week. I’ve been switching my deep condition recipes every week. After I deep condition I detangle my hair then bun it in 4 sections using some small satin scrunchies I ordered off of etsy. I let it semi dry them I moisturize my hair. I put it back in the scrunchies. Sometimes I leave it that way and other times I baggy method afterward.

Right now I have my hair in Senegalese twist. I hate it. I put them in April 10th and I’m going to take them out this week Friday which will be my 14th week stretching my hair. Stretching is getting difficult. Not the fact that I don’t know what to do with my hair but I didn’t know if I am safely protecting my ends which is why I put them in twist. But now that I am thinking about it, I was doing fine. I think I honestly just got tired of doing my hair and it being out.

Senegalese twist are nice but protective styling using braids or twists is just not for me. When I moisturize I can feel that my hair isn’t getting the moisture it would if it weren’t in twists and then I can’t even baggy method properly. It’s just not for me. Its too hard on my edges. Even if I do big braids/twists around my perimeter it still causes damage to my hair. Plus it just does not look professional to me. It’s more of a playful style. So I’m done spending money on braiding hair.

Once I take out these braids I am going to do a protein treatment along with deep conditioning and moisturizing. I am really debating about relaxing my hair. I applied for some jobs and if any call me back I want to make sure my hair wont prevent me from getting a job. It sounds silly but people will look at your hair and say, “She’s a good candidate but she can’t even take care of her hair or she’s too lazy and it’s a distraction. Next!”

I know I said in previous post that I am done wearing wigs and I am, I haven’t worn them like I use to but for a job…I will lol. I ordered the wig Dion by Outre on ebay, it was cheapest there. I ordered it in the color 4/30. Oh and I forgot to mention, I DYED MY HAIR!! I only dyed the roots ash brown using tresemme (I highly recommend tresemme).  So now my hair color is ash brown, dark brown and a faded red lol. I love it because I can see my hair growth progress plus I know how to take care of my hair being dyed now. The key is MOISTURE MOISTURE MOISTURE from the ends to the roots. Anyway, thats why I got the wig in such light colors. I will take photos of the wig and do a review on my blog once I get it. I’m hoping that its cute and not difficult to style.

Am I going to wear the wig? I don’t know but if I don’t wear that means that I didn’t relax my hair and I’ll wait until August to relax my hair like I originally planned. THEN I’ll wear the wig on my bday :D. Which gives me another idea for a blog post…what do I want to do for my birthday?



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