Workout With Me! Leslie Sansone Vids Online!

As some of you know I’m out of commission as far as working and too much movement on my feet because I pretty much messed up my foot. While I’m trying to stay off my feet I decided to upload some dvd’s that I purchased on Dailymotion. You can see them here:

On my vnaturalv channel I have Leslie Sasnone’s walk it off in 30 days, Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan and her Yoga session (which you wont be able to find anywhere else for free). I had these videos on Youtube but I got shutdown with 4 days lol.

I’ve tried everything but her yoga session. I did watch the yoga session while it was recording and its very thorough. She explains everything down to the T and goes very slowly. I really love the walk it off in 30 days it does put the body to work but I think it should be longer. As for the Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan, just be careful on your feet and make sure you’re working on stable floors and not carpets that move side to side like I was.

This week I will be uploading some more videos on my vnaturalv channel. I have to upload 1 more video for Walk it off in 30 Days. I just purchased Mari Winsor’s Flat Abs Pilates (2011) on Vudu at it was only 2.99 for 48 hours. I recorded and now I have it….FOREVER lol. That’s called saving money! I’ll be uploading that too. I watched that dvd as I was recording and I think its PERFECT for me right now. Not only does it work the abs but I did not once see them do anything with their feet that would put too much pressure on it besides the pointing of the toes straight. So if you’re someone with a minor injury to the foot and you don’t want to put too much pressure on it, I think  Mari Winsor’s Flat Abs Pilates (2011) is perfect for you.

On my journeytolong channel I have an incomplete insanity session (I got tired of splitting them and uploading them), Leslie Sansone’s old videos miles 1 -5, Insanity Fast and Furious Abs and some random workout videos I downloaded from Youtube.

I’m hoping that my channels will help some people out and just know that if the videos get removed I’ll keep re-uploading them because I like viewing them online too.



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