Injured Myself Doing Leslie Sansone’s Workout

I injured my Achilles tendon in my left foot doing Leslie Sansone’s workout. For the people who have actually done a Leslie Sansone workout, you’re probably thinking,”How in the world did you injure yourself doing something so easy.”

Well the section of the video where she walks back and forth, “2 up and 2 back” always bothered my Achilles tendon. I tried to modify my walk so I’m light on my feet and don’t end up hurting myself but for some reason that part always gets to my body.

I’ve been working out going on 3 weeks now. I’m really on a streak. I would hate to stop. My achilles tendon has been in pain for a week now but I’ve still been working out on it until today. I was doing her 4 mile walk on the Ultimate 5 day workout plan dvd. There was a lot of jumping, my foot couldn’t handle it so I had to stop for a moment. Then when I started doing a side step, the pain just struck my foot. Its the worst my Achilles tendon has ever felt so far. I had to stop immediately (and blog this lol). So now I’ll have to find some workout that aren’t to intense on the feet.

Now that I think about it, I can use this time to get into something I’ve been meaning to get into…YOGA! I’ve always tried yoga dvd’s for like a few minutes. I can never follow through because the poses are like really hard especially for someone overweight. But I’m going to go for it.

Leslie sansone has this old yoga workout that I’ve been eyeing for weeks now. I’m going to purchase it sometime this week..or rent it online. Meanwhile I have a dvd “Just my size yoga” that I’ll be using and youtube has lots of yoga dvds so I think this will be fun.



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