Things That I Love About Myself & Why

If you read my other post then you know I am putting myself on a self love journey. For anyone else reading this, you can join me too and explain why you love certain things about yourself. You don’t have to be Christian, you just have to be human :).

Today I was listening to Joel Osteen on my mp3 player while I did laundry. The topic he touched was “Having the right image on the inside”. (You can listen to the audio here: ). What he was basically saying is what you think of yourself is what you project to people. If I think I’m ugly then people will think that I am ugly because thats the energy I am projecting to them. If I’m confident and I think I’m beautiful then people may see my confidence and say,”Hey! She’s got something going for her.” This post is one of the many posts to come for my self love journey. I have to start loving me and I want to do it through God.

  1. I love how giving I am. If someone asks me for something or I see that I am capable of giving someone something even if I don’t know them, I will.
  2. I love how I pray. I’ll pray anywhere even in a public restroom. When it comes to me it comes.
  3. I love how I am not afraid to say no even if it may hurt that person’s feelings. I have to be true to myself first.
  4. I love how I am continually working on myself. I go from one journey to another but I have never given up on myself. Where one journey ends another always begins for me.
  5. I can’t believe I am saying this but I love my body. I haven’t felt love for my body in years  including yesterday but its my body and from now on, I have to learn to accept it and love it. I have stretch marks on my tummy, arms and boobs. I’ve had stretch marks on my boobs since I was a child. I was a 38C at the age 9, very skinny and it felt so odd. I have a small waist. A belly that hides and shows when it wants to. Legs with dark spots on them from shaving too early at a young age, 7.  I have an older sister and whatever I saw her doing, I thought it was okay for me to do (that’s where shaving came in). I’ve never attempted to get rid of the spots and because of that I have never worn shorts except when it was mandatory in gym during High school. I have eczema including on my face but I manage it so well people forget or dont notice I get compliments on my clear skin a lot. Along with that I have a noticeable round butt but not too big. These are the parts of myself that I critique the most.
  6. I love my eyes and how big they are.
  7. I love my cooking even on the days its not so good, at least I got to cook!
  8. I love how flexible I “can be”. When I was younger and smaller I was very flexible. Now that I’m bigger its a little hard to be AS flexible but exercising daily is getting me there. No more charlie horses for me.
  9. I love how my body adapts. I’ve never been able to do any type of push ups or rather have a truly tried even when I was younger but I’ve been exercising daily. I tried doing push ups the other day and I actually did a few without collapsing, I’m proud of myself.
  10. I love how fast my hair grows.
  11. I love that I’m not afraid to confront others or say what I feel even if no one wants to hear it.
  12. I love how open I can be about my personality without fear that people will think less of me.
  13. I love my sense of humor. I can make light of anything.
  14. I love how I can easily read people and when I tell them how they feel or what they may be thinking I’m always on point.
  15. I love how sensitive I am. Yes I do cry easily.  Even when I was fired from my job and talking to a nurse who’d I just met I just started crying uncontrollably. I can’t fake the funk.That’s me and it’ll probably never change.
  16. I love how much of an oddball I can be. Not everyone gets me.
  17. I love my style. Its conservative. You’ll never catch me in “intentional” or obvious provocative clothing.
  18. I love how I learn from my mistakes. Once I mess up I always go back and try to correct the problem and never let it happen again.
  19. I love my creativity. I come up with so many things for jewelry & books. I’ve written a few stories and people who have read them even strangers are always taken back by my creativity…some even scared lol.
  20. I love, how I love. When I love someone it’s genuine and even when we’re apart that love is always and forever there. I still have love for my ex even though he put me through hell but I can’t live life hating him. He’s human and so am I, we make mistakes even mistakes that hurt others.
  21. I love how honest I am. I always try to be honest with people. I hate lying. Sometimes small lies just roll out my mouth, immediately I regret it and pray on it.



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