Hair Journey Update

I’m so excited to finally write about my hair because I’m very happy with the progress.
I’m still trying to figure out how to properly apply my regimen. I’m only about 5 months into being relaxed again after taking about a year away so I’m re-learning my hair and how to take care of it being relaxed.
One of the biggest changes in my hair this year is how strong it feels. Last year when I first relaxed my hair I didn’t really know what to do with it just like I didn’t know what to do with my natural hair. So I put Senegalese twist in hoping that would help me through stretching and it did but I wont be doing that again any time soon.

What I’ve discovered is my flaw is the fact that I don’t know how to style my hair. That’s why it seems so difficult for me to handle sometimes. Even with my natural hair, I didnt know what to do with it. I couldn’t blend it in with a wig. If I covered it up it hindered my hair because my edges are so sensitive. I couldn’t win, which brought me back to being relaxed. Now I’m at that phase where I’m slowly learning.

Right now my hair is short. The back of my hair touches my shoulders when its wet. The front of my hair is directly in the middle of my face. The side of my hair is ear length. So I have a long way to go. I am hoping by the end of this year, ALL of my hair in the front and the sides at least reaches my chin lol.

My daily moisturizing regimen persists of water, texturemenatural moisturizer (which I do not recommend ordering from around this time) and for my sealant: sunflower seed oil, rosemary oil, extra virgin olive oil, jamaican black castor oil and grapeseed oil. After I finish moisturizing I usually put on a shower cap and let it sit then I take it. My hair comes out very nicely.

I think my sealant needs some readjusting because my hair feels EXTREMELY strong to the point where when I run my hands through my hair I can feel every single strand. Even after I wash my hair. So I think my regimen might be packed with too much protein or something.

As for my protective styling, I am backing away from braids, extensions and I’m wearing my real hair where ever I go. What I’ve been doing for styling is using flexi rods and bunning my hair. I part my hair horizontally and I put the bottom half in a bun. The other half goes in flexi rods. I keep them in overnight or half a day depending on how wet my hair is. Then when I go out I put a knit hat on the back of my hair and let the front of my hair which is curly stay out.

I do my hair this way because the front of my hair is sooo sensitive and its bonestraight. Pulling all of my hair in a ponytail will only cause tension to the front of my hair. I try to stay away from brushes and combs and use my fingers to part. Sometimes the curls come out  messy but it doesn’t bother me I still wear them.

As for my hair in the back, I put it in a bun because I worry about preserving my ends. So having my ends tucked away safely helps. I always make sure my hair is moisturized in that section because its very easy for your hair to dry out being in a pony tail. Since the back of my hair is texlaxed that means my hair is on the puffy side including the ends versus the front of my hair which is bonestraight along with the ends. Its harder to see split ends in puffy/curly hair versus bonestraight where its obvious.

On the right side of my hair in the back it needs a little trimming. I only know this because its hard to comb and the last time I cut my hair (January 14) I did not cut that side like I did the rest of my hair. Next  time I wash my hair I’ll trim the ends so its doesn’t lead to me having split ends or losing more hair.

Right now my hair is just out and dry. I’m going to moisturize it tonight, bun it then put in flexi rods because I have somewhere to go tomorrow. Another thing is. I only flexi rod my hair the night before when I know I’m going somewhere. When I’m at home which is most of the time. I just use the greenhouse effect on my hair. I try to stay away from manipulating it a lot which I think is paying off.

I wont be taking anything new photos of my hair until August which is when I plan on getting my next relaxer. This way I can REALLY see the difference. I can’t wait!



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