I’m Making A Change To My Health & Fitness Schedule

So last week I did not do my exercise stats update or my weigh in. I wont be doing either until March 1st since my goal is to get below 200 lbs. I have 13 days left to accomplish this. I thought about blogging about this sooner but I really didn’t feel like it because I’m very well aware of what I’m doing and if I do something wrong. Last week I only worked out 2 days. You’re suppose to workout 3 to 5 days a week but I really just didn’t feel motivated to. Time always gets in my way especially since I do my working out in secret in the morning.

Last week I was very busy and stressed which kind of prevented me from working out. My sister got into an argument with our neighbors one of the mornings falsely accusing them of things she has no proof of like hacking her computer and listening to our conversations. That stressed me out for the rest of the day I didn’t even want to look at her because she basically puts our lives in danger when you come at someone so close to home. You never know what people will do. Another day, in the morning of course, I had a customer one morning last week that just completely ruined it for me. The customer threatened me over $3 pair of earrings and basically made fun of me being Christian just because there was a strand of hair in the package. What she said was just so..evil I couldn’t believe how low some people will stoop. So I apologized to her then I refunded her immediately and I also reported her. The other morning I went shopping with my mom because we never really get out and we needed air from my sister’s craziness.

Besides that, my Leslie Sansone collection really hasn’t been motivating me to want to do it. I’m not going to lie, its gotten boring on me and thats one of the main reasons I don’t look forward to workout right now. I have to have fun working out or else I don’t want to do it. The last time I was working out I remember thinking to myself,”Leslie when are you going to shut up and finish these dang leg lifts??” I mean if you have ever worked out to Leslie Sansone after a while you start to notice how easily distracted this woman gets to the point where you’re doing more than what you’re suppose to do. For example she’ll say,”Okay we’re doing 8 leg lifts!” Then when we hit 6 leg lifts, she gets to talking then after she finishes talking and gets back on track you’ve already done about 20 leg lifts. On top of that you have 8 more to do because she started over to make up for the time she missed. It’s annoying but I love her lol.

So what I’ve done to help me with my fitness is order some of Leslie Sansone’s newest dvd’s off of eBay of course. Leslie Sansone Walk it Off for 30 Days ($9.32 & free shipping) & Leslie Sansone Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan ($8.51 & free shipping). Both dvd’s are brand new and I intentionally got these dvd’s because they come with a schedule. That’s what I like most about them. My biggest problem with working out is I’m constantly second guessing myself. I don’t know if this will work for me or if I’m doing enough or the right thing. I really have been looking for a schedule that fits my needs and since I know I can do Leslie Sansone’s workouts and I dont have to worry about hurting myself doing them either. Her workout is perfect for me because I don’t have to second guess. Leslie has come up with her own professional made workout schedule that I can follow. So THANK YOU LORD, the weight has been lifted off of my shoulders lol. Before I was a little iffy about my schedule because I literally threw it together but now I can follow something that is suppose to give me results and I know it will because I got results using her videos on my schedule alone.

After I get back on my schedule of working out 5 times a day and I finish my Leslie Sansone dvd’s which will probably take 2 months. I’m going to give Focus T25 a try again. Hopefully my body is better prepared.

Also I’ve been eating healthy and eating a lot of junk/snacks at the same time this week and last week. Mainly because I’ve been so moody and angry when I get like that I just don’t care anymore and I don’t listen to my stomach even when I’m not hungry. What I plan on doing to change that is praying more, reading my Bible, prepping my meals ahead of time so when I am hungry I can cook them at that moment. I’ve also ran out of brown rice so for now I’ll be eating white rice :(. As far as water goes I’ve been doing great. I haven’t touched anything but water (and a slushie) this month or last month. My skin is definitely reaping the benefits from that.

That’s where I’m at right now my next post will be about my hair. I’m soooo excited about my progress with my hair!

****Note/Advice: I advise anyone, before you order something online even from Amazon or your favorite website always check eBay’s pricing out because people are constantly putting things up for sale at low prices BRAND NEW. Like I bought a new battery for my laptop 9 cell that would have cost $50 on Amazon but it only cost me $19.89 on eBay brand new. Always check ebay and NO ebay is not a scam. There are people who do scam but the easiest way to avoid those people is to check their feedback and see if its negative or positive and the comments left because sometimes a good seller will have negative feedback. Check when their account was made. Check their location and make sure to read their terms and conditions. Most importantly check whether or not the item you’re looking at is returnable/refundable and how long it will take to be shipped.****



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