I’m Very Upset with TextureMeNatural

After 28 business days and I do mean 28 business days, my order was shipped and I received it today. The processing time was 7 to 28 business days. I ordered my products on Dec. 24 & Dec. 26th, shipping paid separately but both of the orders were shipped together even though I paid on different dates. The first order was for my mother, the other was for myself. 4 Products were in each order totaling 8 items. I ordered Aunt Cookies Moisture Cream only in  the scents lemon  scent (2), lavender (4) and Caramel (2). I received 5 lavender scented moisturizers, 2 caramel and 1 lemon scent.

Now if this were the first time my order was not completed to my request then I would let it slide but this has happened every single time except for the first time that I ordered from Texturemenatural. So sadly I have to say, this will be the last time in a long time that I order from Tj/TextureMeNatural. The lack of communication, the time of the shipping which is waiting over a month and the fact that my order is incomplete makes me livid.

Back in December I saw an email that her family member passed away that she sent to me and then I looked on Facebook and saw that she announced she had the flu. So she was going through a double whammy at once and on top of that had orders to process because she had a buy 1 get 1 free sale at the time. She mentioned that she had/has help from her family processing the orders.

While I do sympathize with her and I know what she’s going through because I too own a business and went through the very same thing with a lot of orders to process. She had me very worried about my orders especially since my mom also ordered. My mom is a new customer in her eyes she thinks she’s been scammed. I’ve been ordering for 1 1/2 year I know the processing takes a while and creating the items but can I at least have one email on how everything is or a fb post? I mean, how do you expect that NOT to worry anyone? At least a email to know you’re alright and everything else is okay. There was absolutely NO communication or update on how she was doing or how the orders will be shipped after that 1 email about her family member passing. On Jan 14 I did get an email saying my processing time was on the 16th business day out of 28 business days and that it would be completed in the order it was received but that was IT. It didn’t say how she was doing, it didn’t say don’t worry your order will be shipped in a timely manner, it didn’t even seem like a courtesy email.

Then on Jan 24th I got an email with the tracking number to my order so I automatically thought the order was being shipped. Then I realized after a few days of checking the tracking number’s status that my order wasn’t going to be shipped like I thought it was. When February came in I really got worried because now its officially feels like its been 2 months (in my time) since I ordered Dec 24 & 26. While she or her fam is very well aware of the business days. To me as a customer, I’m not. So I’ve given you my money, I’ve given you $8 for free on separate shipping when shipped my orders together, I’ve sent you two emails in which I got no response and I’ve given you my patience. You’ve given me 2 emails and a tracking number to an order that hasn’t been shipped. I feel BAMBOOZLED to the fullest. As a customer I don’t know everything you have to go through to make my order. All I know is that I’ve ordered it and I expect it and if its taking a long time can I at least get an email telling me why, that’s all I ask. I’m not asking you to break your back or go faster with my order. Just explain to me and let me know everything is alright because your “announcement” had me worried.

In the past I have ordered and things have gone great. Majority times I ordered I always asked for lemon scent and I never actually received lemon scent I’d receive some other foreign scent but it was okay because the product was good. I never  complained about it. Tj has even given me a free lemon scented spray as a sample that I still use and I love it. She’s helped me through my natural hair journey A LOT with the advice she has provided on her FB page but this has drawn the line for me.

You have to communicate with your customers and you have to realize that a business is not one sided. It is not all about you and your personal life. A business is based on its customers and the type of service you give them. Yes you have a personal life but you have to learn to separate the two or make it so that your business is accommodated to your needs and time. If you know your health isn’t where it should be then you need to be prepared for that. If you have a customer ordering 20 items and other customers that only order 4 or 2 items that you can easily get shipped out then you need to put in your terms and conditions “Orders succeeding this amount of items may take longer to process due to the amount and time taken to create them.” This way, it helps you and the customer realize where they stand. Even if the processing time regularly goes over a month or two weeks, a nice email to update the customer on their order telling them “its being made now” or “don’t worry  it coming in mail” in between processing time does not hurt. In fact it would be in your favor because waiting 1 month or even 2 weeks is a long time for an order.

This whole ordeal just really saddens me because I am a huge supporter of Tj and her products but you need to get it together. You have too great of a product(s) to let your business go anywhere but up.



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