Exercise Stats Week #2 Summary

Workout Completion for WEEK 2 Overall:

  1. Leslie Sansone: 9 miles of walking (Mon & Tues)
  2. Squats x 17
  3. Arm circles: 2 sets of 22
  4. Trunk Twist: 2 sets of 56
  5. Wall push ups x 12
  6. Glutes: 2 sets of 12
  7. Jogging in place x 2 minute

I’m not too happy about this week. I did not complete my workout plan for week #2 at all. This week started out so good then I made some mistakes that cost me my workout time. I use my cellphone as my alarm clock. Most of the time I don’t have to charge myself for a full week or longer. Wednesday I didn’t workout because I had no water. I workout as soon as I wake up so I have to drink some water or else my throat will be crazy dry and I wont be able to workout thoroughly. I don’t drink tap water because it makes me sick even if I use a purifier or boil it. My exercise time goes from 6am to 7:20am. No stores are open around 6am to 7am so I had to wait until later to get some water. Usually there is always water for me to drink since my mom and sister drink soda sooo much but my mom didnt buy soda this week so they were drinking up all of my water :(.

When Thursday hit I was ready to workout. I went to bed early and got a nice rest. I woke up at 7:37am. I said WTH and immediately looked at my cellphone because I never heard it ring. I then realized that it was dead. So I charged it for the next day. Thursday night comes. I turn on my phone to make sure it goes off. I wake up at 7:47am this time. WHAT HAPPENED THIS TIME CELLPHONE???? I click my cellphone to see that all I had to do was enter my password and my alarm clock would have went off.

I am officially done with using my cellphone as my alarm clock. I have a REAL alarm clock and I named her Gladice. I got her from walmart about 6 years ago. She announces the time every hour and if you want to know the time, you just click on her and she tells you. She’s my old faithful and she’s always been there for me so that is what I will use/depend on from now on. I’m not going to let what happened this week stop me from working out. As soon as Monday hits, I’m back on the job 100%.

Since I didn’t get my workout in this week like I should have. I’m going to really put the hammer down on the miles I do. If I complete my whole workout schedule for my 3rd week then I’ll tamper off the miles for the 4th week.


  1. Leslie sansone: 5 mile (Mon), 4 miles (Tue), 5 miles (Wed), 4 miles (Thur), 5 miles (Fri)
  2. Squats x 18 (Mon) x 19 (Tue) x20 (Wed) x 21 (Thur) x 22 (Fri)
  3. Arm Circles: 2 sets of 23 (Mon), 2 sets of 24 (Tue), 2 sets of 25 (Wed), 2 sets of 26 (Thur), 2 sets of 27 (Fri)
  4. Trunk Twist: 2 sets of 57 (Mon) 2 sets of 58 (Tue) 2 sets of 59 (Wed) 2 sets of 60 (Thur) 2 sets of 61 (Fri)
  5. Wall push ups x 13 (Mon) x 14 (Tue) x 15 (Wed) x 16 (Thur) x 17 (Fri)
  6. Glutes: 2 sets of 13 (Mon) 2 sets of 14 (Tue) 2 sets of 15 (Wed) 2 sets of 16 (Thur) 2 sets of 17 (Friday)
  7. Jogging in place x 2 minute (Mon) x 3 minute (Tue) x 4 minute (Wed) x 5 minute (Thur) x 6 minute (Fri)



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