Weigh-In #1

Hello my fabulous internet lovers. It’s Jazzie with yet another blog post. This is my first weigh-in this year *claps*! My weigh-ins will take place every 14/15 days. Lets see the results!!

Starting weight (Jan 2013): 240 lbs
Last weigh-in results: 207.5 lbs
Current weight: 202.5 lbs
Weight lost within 15 days: 5 lbs

weighin 1

I have to say that I am very surprised at the results. Especially since I have been eating just about anything I want. To be quite honest I haven’t altered my eating habits too much. I just  incorporate more healthy foods like fruits and veggies. I have however only been drinking water. I do not plan on turning back to drinking sweet drinks or soda. Those are just pure no no’s and to me, soda effects your  health worse than any bag of chips will. Soda make you gain weight, you can get kidney stones from too much consumption and you can get a bladder infection from drinking too much (which I did when I was younger). A bag of chips is basically calories that you don’t need. So that’s why I am avoiding soda and sweet drinks completely. Drinking soda, to me, is just pure sabotage to the body.

One thing I have realized is I will probably never be able to avoid the junk food especially in my environment. So I’m going to embrace it instead of beating myself up about it. My eating habits do revolve around eating healthy and organic food but I may have a small candy or a little bit of chips here and there. Yesterday I had Wendy’s for dinner because I didn’t get a chance to cook and I wanted my mom to have something to eat. My food consisted of jr bacon cheese burger and fries. Am I going to have Wendy’s everyday? No.

The point I am trying to make is your weight loss journey doesn’t have to be hard. Its all about your mindset. You can not fight with yourself. You have to know what you truly want and what your body wants and you have to come to terms with both. Some people go completely vegan, others restrict certain meat from their diets and some completely cut out a food group like grain from their eating habits. Whatever it is, do what works for you and be happy about it.

*Note: The format of my weigh-in is credited to my fellow wordpress blogger reducingwaist.wordpress.com She’s on a weight loss journey of her own, so check her out when you get a chance 🙂 *



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