Exercise Stats Week #1 Summary

Workout Completion for WEEK 1 Overall:

  1. Leslie Sansone: 7 miles of walking (Wed & Thursday)
  2. Squats x 15
  3. Arm circles: 2 sets of 20
  4. Trunk Twist: 2 sets of 54
  5. Wall push ups x 10
  6. Glutes: 2 sets of 10
  7. Jogging in place x 1 minute

I did not do my Leslie Sansone workout Friday. I was suppose to do 5 miles but I took the lazy route and I stayed in bed. I WON’T DO IT AGAIN! I feel horrible about it because now I really want to work out and I can’t :'(. BUT I did do some squats, arm circles, trunk twist, etc…everything listed above except the Leslie Sansone workout.

I am doing my workouts undercover at home so I only have the morning time when everyone is asleep to do it. The weekends (Saturday & Sunday) are my relax time to let my body rest. I purposely list a lot of my “To Do” things on the weekend so I don’t sit around trying to eat everything or at least I’m active and busy. When you’re on your “rest” I think that’s the hardest part of weight loss because you can easily slip off and throw all of your hard work out the window. So keeping yourself busy can be one of the keys.

My WEIGHT LOSS GOAL is to weigh less than 200 lbs. I’m challenging myself to meet this goal by February 28. My weigh-in dates are Jan 28. Feb 11 & Feb 28. I’m also challenging myself to continue to workout. I think the longest I have stuck to my workout schedule without taking a break is 3 weeks and hat’s only because I injured myself doing squats. I rushed and did too many when my body wasn’t ready. It took my leg 3 weeks to heal from injuring myself and by then I wasn’t very motivated to work out. I had been eating my favorite junk foods and put back on my 10lbs I had lost. That was 2 years ago. That’s why this time around I’m doing everything VERY gradually.

Last year I was very fortunate to lose weight just by changing my diet. I did not work out much. This year I want to see how far I can go changing my diet and adding exercise to the equation.


  1. Leslie sansone: 5 mile (Mon), 4 miles (Tue), 3 miles (Wed), 4 miles (Thur), 5 miles (Fri)
  2. Squats x 16 (Mon) x 17 (Tue) x18 (Wed) x 19 (Thur) x 20 (Fri)
  3. Arm Circles: 2 sets of 21 (Mon), 2 sets of 22 (Tue), 2 sets of 23 (Wed), 2 sets of 24 (Thur), 2 sets of 25 (Fri)
  4. Trunk Twist: 2 sets of 55 (Mon) 2 sets of 56 (Tue) 2 sets of 57 (Wed) 2 sets of 58 (Thur) 2 sets of 59 (Fri)
  5. Wall push ups x 11 (Mon) x 12 (Tue) x 13 (Wed) x 14 (Thur) x 15 (Fri)
  6. Glutes: 2 sets of 11 (Mon) 2 sets of 12 (Tue) 2 sets of 13 (Wed) 2 sets of 14 (Thur) 2 sets of 15 (Friday)
  7. Jogging in place x 2 minute (Mon) x 3 minute (Tue) x 4 minute (Wed) x 5 minute (Thur) x 6 minute (Fri)



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