Exercise Motivation Friday! #9 – Fun Exercises You Can Try

exercise motivation 8

Walk around with a book on your head.

This exercise is exactly what it sounds like. As silly as it may seem, this is a very effective form of exercise that is meant to help you keep your posture straight. Most of us can find a hard-cover book around the house. Make sure it’s not too heavy! Stand up with your legs slightly apart, step forward with one leg, and place the book flat on your head. Once it’s balanced place your hands on your hips and walk slowly. Keeping your balance at first may seem difficult and there is a chance you may drop the book a few times, but you will become use to walking with the weight on your head in no time. Because of the way the human skull is shaped, having a flat book placed on top of it will force you to lift your chin up and straighten your back as you walk, contracting your abdominal muscles to keep balance. Ten minutes of this exercise everyday will generate results soon enough.”

Credit to: Waistline Weight Loss Secrets To Getting A Flat Belly Fast: Imagine A Sexy You In 27 Days Or Less. No Gym Required


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