Exercise Motivation Friday! #4 – How To Beat Temptation (TIPS)

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These tips are for how to overcome the temptation of food. If you’re on the weight loss journey then you’ve probably faced it. That temptation to go in the kitchen and ANYTHING you see because you can lol.

Two Keys to Avoiding Temptations
It’s usually easier to avoid temptations than to resist them. The best way to avoid food temptations is to clean up your environment. Another way is to decide in advance what you will do in situations that normally tempt you.
Clean Up Your Personal Environment
There are many little things you can do to remove temptations from your environment. Here are a few:
Keep junk food out of the house as much as possible.
If you must have junk food in your house, keep it out of sight.
Remove temptations from your space at work.
Start a grocery list of healthy food choices.
Designate an eating area and don’t eat anywhere else, then stay out of the eating area as much as possible when it isn’t mealtime.
Avoid places where you will be tempted by unhealthy foods. This may mean changing your route to work, the places you shop, or the aisles you walk down in the grocery store.
Expose yourself to fewer commercials for unhealthy foods by watching less television.
Decide in Advance
Next time you walk by the candy jar on your coworker’s desk, are you going to take a sample? Don’t wait until you are in the midst of temptation to decide. Decide now.
Efforts at resisting temptation are often undermined by rationalizing. (“Just one piece of candy won’t hurt. I’ve been good all morning. I deserve a reward.”) When you have already made a firm decision and rehearsed your response ahead of time, you can act quickly in a tempting situation, leaving no time for rationalizing.
A temptation is a decision that has not yet been made. Once you have truly decided that eating candy at work isn’t an option, the candy jars will fade into the background and won’t be so tempting.
Another reason to make food decisions in advance is that the mere sight or smell of highly palatable foods can bring on cravings that reduce your ability to think clearly and make choices you won’t regret the next day.
Here are some examples of decisions you may want to make in advance:
How many servings of sweets will you eat each day?
What will you do instead of eating when you feel stressed?
Will you snack while watching television or reading?
Will you snack at all? If so, when? What will you eat?
How often will you buy junk food?
What will you do when offered a piece of candy or other unhealthy snack between meals? Politely decline it? Accept it, but save it to eat with your next meal?
Once you have made these decisions, write them down, and put the list where you will see and notice it. Review your decisions often. Your aim is to make your responses to previously tempting situations automatic.

Credit to: The Diet Dropout’s Guide to Natural Weight Loss: Find Your Easiest Path to Naturally Thin by Stan Spencer


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