Exercise Motivation Friday! #10 – Weight Loss Myths

exercise motivation 9

This will be my last post for Exercise Motivation Friday! I hope everyone learned something from the tips provided!

Gaining weight is a natural part of aging.”
The only way to gain fat is to eat more calories than you burn. Older people tend to have more fat than younger people for the same reason they tend to have more money: they have had more time to accumulate it. Also, most of us live in a more fattening food environment and are less active than in our younger years.
Although the resting metabolic rate of most adults slows with age due to loss of muscle and organ mass, this can be reversed with strengthening and endurance exercises. Alternatively, if you don’t want to go to the effort of keeping your metabolism up, you can prevent weight gain by eating fewer calories to match your slower metabolism.
“You have a natural weight that your body returns to when you are not dieting.”
You do not have a single natural weight. The weight that is natural for your body depends on how many calories you eat and how physically active you are.
If you begin eating more calories each day or become less physically active, you will gain fat (and muscle to carry around the extra fat) until you have gained as much weight as your daily calories will support. That will be your new “natural weight.”
Similarly, if you begin eating fewer calories, or burning more through exercise, your weight will naturally drop to a lower level.
“Being slim means being hungry.”
Not with good eating habits. For example, keeping food out of sight between meals can help prevent cravings, and meals and snacks that are nutritionally balanced will keep you satisfied longer.
A balanced meal includes some protein and fat, as well as carbohydrates in the form of fiber-rich fruits, vegetables, or whole grains. The combination of protein, fat, and fiber in a balanced meal slows digestion and provides longer satisfaction after the meal ends. Foods made with processed grains or added sugars should be avoided or eaten in smaller amounts because they tend to digest quickly, so you are hungry sooner.
“If it says ‘energy’ or ‘power,’ it must be good for you.”
Not if the first ingredient (or second, after water) is a sugar, such as sucrose, maltose, brown sugar, glucose, honey, or corn syrup. Sugars supply energy but little else in the way of nutrition. Just remember that energy in food is measured in calories. If you are overweight, you are already consuming too much energy.


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