Fitness & Health Update

I know my last post wasn’t too nice but not all of my posts are going to be so friendly. My blog is my outlet so I might spill some of my stessers up here from time to time. Its part of human nature, we fall but the choice is yours to get back up. My sister will not hold me back from progressing in my life even though the things she does annoys me and it is obvious she needs professional help. I am the one in control of my life and no one else even though they may like to be.

With that being said, this morning I chose not to do the Focus T25. I attempted to do it again last night but I realized my body is just not ready and I would end up really injuring myself trying to do the video like I already have. Yesterday I was in so much pain in my chest area just from doing 10 minutes of the Alpha – cardio section of focus T25 and I was doing the altered version where its supposedly easier.

If anyone wants to workout to Leslie Sansone I’ve uploaded some videos on my dailymotion page . I have her 1 – 4 mile walk. I’ll be adding the 5 mile walk today. She’s got a couple new dvd’s that she released I’m hoping to buy them to my collection then I’ll try and share them.

My plan for this month and next month is to continue my Leslie Sansone workouts. I want to intensify them by incorporating more of my body into them. This morning I did do Leslie’s 3 mile walk and I did exactly that. I incorporated more of my body and intensity into the moves. I began to sweat and breathing hard so I can make it more challenging for myself.

Tomorrow morning or tonight I’m going to do the 4 mile walk and intensify that too. Then the very next day I’m going to do the big 5 mile walk. What I like about the 5 mile walk is that she incorporates jogging in place in it. Which reminds me I need to start jogging in place on my own for improvement.

After every workout I always do some squats and trunk twists. I’ve hurt myself before pretty bad going too hard on squats so I push the number up by 1 more squat everyday. I do the same with my trunk twist. If you do trunk twist daily, you’ll see a lot of improvement in your love handles, TRUE STORY.

What I’m also going to start doing is posting my weight in every 14 days whether I see progress or back track. I was going to do it every 7 days but 7 days just doesn’t seem like a lot of time to see REAL improvement. With my body I could go from 210 to 205 lbs in 7 days then next week I’ll weigh 208 lbs. So I want to make sure that that’s my actual weight and not a temporary weight. I’m also going to weigh myself on a empty stomach which is always in the morning when I wake up UNLESS I’ve eaten before I’ve gone to bed which is a big no no. Eating before you go to bed can cause a lot of health problems. Unfortunately, I do that a lot but I am working on it. Always wait at least an 1 hour or 2 after you eat then its okay to go to bed.

My next weigh in will be January 28. My last one was January 14 and I’ve been keeping it to myself but I look back on a lot of my blog posts all the time so this should help. I’ll take photos of the actual number on the scale. For some reason actual proof of my progress rather than just saying it really helps.

As for my eating its going pretty good. I cook healthy food but when I do eat junk food or not so healthy food I don’t beat myself up  about it anymore I just eat it and I dont over eat. Then I workout. Gotta keep it moving 🙂



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