RANT: My Sister Is Insane

This topic is completely off from what I would normally talk about but I really just wanted to get it off of my chest. Theres no other way to put it, I hate my sister. I know hate is a strong word but there is a lot of reason behind it. I’m not jealous of my sister in anyway in fact when I was in High School I did a project showing her off because she  was modeling at the time and my sister is very pretty. The one and only time I have ever been jealous of my sister is when she got a new cd player and cd’s and that is only because I LOVE MUSIC and she didn’t even care for music. I was all mopey saying,”IT’s NOT FAIR!!!”. But now I have more electronics than her lol. Back to the topic.

She is the only person in my life that bothers me and gets under my skin. That is because she is so close to me…physically. We live in the same house. Her behavior has always been tolerated for some reason. I honestly just do not understand her. She literally embodies the type of person/people that disgust me. She’s self absorbent and selfish. She only thinks of herself whenever she does anything.

For example, whenever she goes out, she gets herself something to eat and never bothers to bring anyone anything home, not even her own daughter. If the fridge is empty and she has money to get food, she’ll just eat whats around or she’ll go out and get something eat then come home to a full stomach while everyone else has nothing to eat for the time being.

The Christmas before this year she got me a whole bunch of supplies to make jewelry then she tried to order me around and tell me what she wanted done for her. If you ask her to do anything she drags her feet. There has been numerous times when my mother has asked her to do things like go grocery shopping for her because she’s too tired. What does my sister do? Instead of getting dressed to go shopping at that moment she’ll wait until 10pm to 12am to go grocery or she just wont do it for a few days until my mother haggles her about it. This last Christmas she got nothing for anyone except her daughter and thats only because my mother yelled at her for sitting around the house and taking presents yet not lifting a finger to do anything for anyone. Yet she can order all this furniture for her imaginary apartment that she has been saying she is going to get since 2012. The other day my mom began to tell her about her ways like how my mom asked her for money once and she told her she wouldn’t give her anything. My sister swore up and down that she never said that. My mom even mentioned how she paid her car note for a full year while she ran around and my sister said SHE NEVER DID THAT FOR HER. My mother and I were shocked. She’s delusional and insane. I’ve never seen someone lie so bad to the point where they believe it is the honest truth.

Right now she is at her most annoying point and she is driving me and my mom crazy. Not to mention neglecting her child. At first it started with her calling customer service everyday complaining about her credit score and anything wrong. Then when she got a job she started saying how the people at her job were stalking her. Then it turned into our neighbors talking about her and information from home coming to her job. So she quit her job and now she’s just full blown crazy. She thinks that everyone is watching her and that our neighbors are conspirating against her and ONLY HER. She doesn’t own her own computer, she uses my mom’s computer and everyday she claims someone has hacked my mom’s computer and is looking at their information. Yet every specialist that has looked at the computer has said they see nothing. Every single day is something with her. She acts as if the world revolves around her. She does not think twice about her baby until you say something to her about it.My mom and I both told her she needs to see a doctor but she thinks we’re just running off at the mouth because we don’t agree with her. She is not happy until someone agrees with her and even then she still continues with the crazy act.

My mom is somewhat of an advocate. Because my sister is her daughter she has a soft spot so sometimes she does agree with her. Even tonight when I was telling my mom she needs to step in instead of being okay with this. She tried to tell me to lower my voice so the neighbors wont here. WHAT THE HELL MOM! My sister’s behavior is NOT OKAY and the fact that my mom is going along with it is crazy. She is stressing us all out especially me. I WILL NOT live in fear of what people hear or see about me. NEVER EVER if so then I would drive myself f*** crazy.

The other day she checked all the fire alarms looking for cameras. Today she started blocking the cable box because she thinks theres a camera in it. A few weeks ago she had a tech support go into my wifi and change it around. Wifi that I PAID for her. I wanted to choke her lol. All jokes aside she had no business going into my things. She pays for nothing here and when she does do one little thing she acts as if she we owe her the world and we need to “slave” at her feet.

I honestly think she is either bipolar, a schizophrenic or a narcissistic. I just wish someone would help her or step in and let her know how she is acting is beyond crazy. I feel like I am the only who expresses it to her and most of the time it is out of anger. I tried to be nice to her but its hard when my mother and I are literally raising her daughter for her while she continues with this crazy behavior. I am even more scared for her daughter if her my sister does finally move out. I don’t know how my niece will be or if she will be taken care of and that makes me very sad. I don’t want my niece to grow up all screwed up because her mother is acting crazy and doesn’t try to learn how to raise her. She is just not a good mother at all. For a few months all she did was feed her candy and sweets everyday then she wondered why she wouldn’t go to sleep at night. She didn’t start feeding her REAL FOOD until my mother and I stepped in and sat down to feed her. Even then my sister comes in and tries to feed her chocolate  and candy. The baby wont even be hungry but just for the simple fact that my sister is eating it and she doesn’t care about her body anymore she tries to give her baby the same foods. She’s gained so much weight and she just doesn’t care about her health but she does make sure she puts her make up on and her hair is done.

The only reason I am writing this now is because tonight I had plans for myself. I was going to workout to Focus T25, look up a few recipes so that I could cook my mom a big breakfast tomorrow and watch lifetime movies but instead I’m stuck here watching her child. She’s out going to people’s houses trying to see if their cable boxes have cameras in them -.-. I just don’t know what to do, me fighting her or throwing around stuff  out of fustration wont help the situation. And if a doctor see’s the way she is talking and acting I’m afraid actually EVERYONE IS AFRAID they’ll take her baby away.  The only one that can help her is my mom but my mom just wont do anything. I’m in a household with people that don’t understand the word change or how to be openminded.

I know something is wrong with my sister but how to get help. I just don’t know.



2 thoughts on “RANT: My Sister Is Insane

  1. What a difficult situation. How can you help someone who clearly doesn’t feel they need it. Your mom has that maternal instinct to protect her child, so she may be turning a blind eye. Maybe you can talk to a mental health professional or pastor for advice. Best wishes.

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