I Want To Stretch My Relaxer for 7 Months

I’ve been thinking about how long I want to stretch my relaxer this time and I would love to stretch it for 7 months. My flexi rod results with texlaxed hairbirthday is in August. What better way to celebrate my bday than to have a nice surprise of how long my hair has grown over the months. The other reason behind me wanting to stretch it this long is, I just want to see what I can do with my hair. Last year I did do a good job of stretching it but I got so caught up in it being…unmanageable that I stopped moisturizing it for a while and just threw senegalese twist in my hair so I didn’t have to touch or style it.

Friday I relaxed my hair and from my previous post you’ll know the results. Afterward I deep conditioned using 3 tablespoons of mayo, 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of olive oil my hair then I blow dried my a hair a little after sealing it with conditioner and oil. Afterwards I put my hair in flexi rods. This is how my hair came out with the flexi rods. To be honest I did not expect my hair to come out so shiny and healthy looking but it did and it feels very healthy and strong. I’m definitely on the right track right now.




For my regimen I’m going to keep it simple:

  • Deep condition on Saturdays (Mayo, honey and olive oil mixture OR the conditioner mixed with olive oil and rosemary oil)
  • Protein treatment once a month on Sundays (using melted peanut butter mixed with extra virgin olive oil)
  • Protective styling.
  • Moisturize every day or every other day. I have some texturemenatural moisturizer that supposed to be coming in mail, once that comes I will be using that but for now I am using: Water, Conditioner (Suave kertain or Herbal Essence raspberry) and Extra Virgin Olive oil mixed with rosemary oil. My hair looooooooves extra virgin olive oil.

Using the flexi rods really brought a lot of protective styles to mind and its actually drawing me away from wearing wigs. I really love how my hair looks. I might just throw all the extensions and stuff away if it goes fine for me. For my hair I came up with a couple of pin up styles where I can wear a scarf or a hat over my head and the curls coming out in the front. Somewhat like a curly texturized bang. when I want to go out then at home I can have my hair any way I want lol.

My plan for stretching my hair is really just to barely touch my hair. The only times I want to touch it is when I have to moisturize, deep condition it, the protein treatment or put it up in its protective style for that week. I don’t want to use gel or any harsh product in my hair but I know if I am going to be stretching for that long I will need it. For now since my hair is newly relaxed I dont need it.

Another thing I discovered is the flow in relaxing my hair. As I began to feel my roots throughout my hair I noticed thatmotions relaxer mixture the part of my hair that is bonestraight had curly roots along with the back of my hair. So either it was the fact that I used extra virgin olive oil to protect my hair from the relaxer or the relaxer was no good. I’ve had relaxers that didn’t work in the past: they mix loosely and even the shampoo and conditioner seem old. But I could tell this relaxer was new and it mixed great. I actually took a photo of it because the color of the activator was so pretty. So I think it was my fault that my hair did not get bone straight as planned but everything worked out great because I love the results now and I’m going to use Motions Relaxer again after I finish my next stretch and do the same process.

Also I forgot to mention that I brushed my ends or clipped them. My hair was very hard to detangle even after the relaxer and it brought me back to my natural hair journey when I couldn’t properly get a anything not even my finger through my hair. It was because my ends needed to be clipped. So I clipped of about less than 1/4 of an inch of hair. It was seriously a tiny bit of hair because I don’t want to back track. It was so little hair that I could not find it after cutting my hair to take a photo of it. But it made a world of a difference and I was able to easily get through my hair.

It’s funny how one day I go to complaining about my hair to loving it lol. Thats it for now πŸ™‚



5 thoughts on “I Want To Stretch My Relaxer for 7 Months

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