Hair Journey Update: Texlaxed to Bonestraight Hair, HUGE FAIL!

This is how my hair looked before I relaxed it. Ibeforet was a jungle. This is the reason why I big chopped 2 years ago. I could not handle transitioning. Doing stretches for relaxed hair is the same as transitioning the only thing is you plan on relaxing you hair in a few weeks. We struggle the same thing with the exception of maybe one or two weeks after getting a relaxer.

I used extra virgin olive oil on my hair as a protectant from the relaxer because for some reason vaseline just doesn’t work on my scalp. The relaxer says to leave it in your hair from 18 – 20 minutes. I left mine in for 30 minutes because I wanted to make SURE my hair came out bonestraight and you can over process your hair if you relax over hair thats already been relaxed so I thought this would just immediately work. I straightened my hair with the back of the comb to make sure it came out straight. It was a struggle to get that relaxer in my hair because it was sooo tangled but I managed.

As I’m rinsing the relaxer out of my hair and feeling the texture of it, it felt soooo good, smooth and weightless. I was afterthinking of things I could do to it now, how I could style it, how much it reminded me of my relaxed hair when it was waist length. Even the parts where it felt damaged and brittle before were feeling smooth. Afterward I followed up with the shampoo and conditioner then I got out of the shower and looked at my hair and said “What…the…heck! I know that is NOT a curl in the back of my head!” And sure enough, it was. Just like that my hair in the back went from straight to curly once again. Not only was the already texlaxed hair curly but the new growth is even curly.

I am devastated! Lol. I’m just joking but I did not expect my hair to turn out like this at all. I used the relaxer motions (regular) so that I could get all of my hair bone-straight since I was dealing with different textures in my hair plus the tangling that was taking place. But for it to be the same way that it was is just…unbelievable. Now I have to deal with this of dilemma “What can I do with my hair” for at least 3 more months. I was so distraught with the results that I forgot to take a photo of my hair in the front. But looking at my before photo Im questioning if the senegalase twist I had in my hair broke off the front of my hair. I trimmed my edges while it was braided so my edges aren’t back to their full blown length but it really does look like my hair might have broken off around the perimeter or maybe I’m just not use to seeing my edges shaped like that from trimming them.

Other than that the good news out of all of this is that you can easily see my hair has grown to neck length in the back compared to when I cut it in October.

Tonight I am going to deep condition my hair and leave it in under a shower cap wrapped. I’m going to sleep in it then tomorrow morning rinse it out. Afterward I’m going to blow dry it and then attempt to use my flexi rods and see what will happen. If that doesn’t work then I’ll banku knot or braid my hair down.

I really do hope that my mistakes and oopsies helps someone else on their journey. I’m still learning how to keep up with my hair relaxed (obviously lol) but I will get there! My hair is growing so I must be doing something right. 😀



4 thoughts on “Hair Journey Update: Texlaxed to Bonestraight Hair, HUGE FAIL!

    • I’m thinking maybe its because the relaxer I used before has just made my hair that permanent texture in the back. Its so odd lol. But I am hoping once it starts growing longer it will be easier to maintain. I’m kind of regretting relaxing my hair at all now lol. I miss natural, it wasn’t that difficult 😦

      • Hehehe, I love natural girl, it is the best way for me personally to take care of my hair, but we have to work with what we have ,so cheer up, you can and will get pass this, one step at a time 🙂

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