Hair Journey Update: 14 Weeks Into My Relaxed Hair Stretch/Stay Away From Aussie Hair Insurance Heat Protectant (Review)

Tangled and damaged is what my hair is now. Its been sooooo unmaintainable its ridiculous. Not to mention that it feels so delicate in the front but my hair has always been very fragile in the front. The back of my hair chalf natural half relaxed dyed hair - 4an handle anything. It’s not really the back of my hair or the front that I am have trouble with, it’s the middle.

I think what happened was when I cut my hair in November I cut the middle pretty uneven with my hair. It’s the shortest part and I knew it was too short but it was too late I had already cut it. So I was hoping that it would be saved once it started growing out. Then after that I went and flat ironed my hair using the heat protectant AUSSIE HAIR INSURANCE.

I’m going to squeeze in a little review of my experience with Aussie Hair Insurance. If you follow my blog then you know that my hair use to be natural for a little over 1 year. Last October I relaxed only the front of my hair. After relaxing it I flat ironed it without a heat protectant because I had deep conditioned it before and I watched a youtube video by Sistawithrealhair. In which she mentioned how she doesn’t use a heat protectant because she never needed to when she was younger so why now. She had a point. So I flat ironed my hair without a heat protectant after blow drying my hair and it came out perfectly, silky and straight.

When I used Aussie Hair Insurance Heat Protectant it was another story. I had relaxed the rest of my hair. Deep conditioned it and decided to use the heat protectant. When I sprayed it on my hair I could tell that it was harsh and it smelled like a strong alcohol on my hair. I should have stopped then and washed my hair but I never used a heat protectant before so I continued. Afterward I blow dried my hair and started flat ironing my hair. My hair wouldn’t really get straight like it did with the front of my hair the first time. So I foolishly had to go over my hair in each section about 2 or 3 times. When I finished my hair was disgustingly brittle and it didn’t feel straight at all it felt hard. So I damaged my hair using this damn heat protectant….NEVER AGAIN.

I’ve seen people give good reviews on that product but it’s just too harsh for me. Plus after my first experience with flat ironing I now know I don’t even need a heat protectant. My hair was perfectly fine the first time I did it and that was on the fragile part of my hair.

After that experience I’m retired all of my heat products except the blow dryer. I’ll use that maybe once a month or maybe every two months.

I am the point, now, where my hair is tangled and unmanageable. I moisturize it once a day or every other day and yes it does feel moisturized but its also very tangled especially in the middle when I have the flat iron the most. I know in the feature the hair thats on my head now it’s eventually just going to have to ALL be cut off again. But last year all I did was cut and cut and cut my hair after progress. If I didn’t cut my hair so much last year it would probably past my shoulders because it seriously did grow a lot in that small time period. Around May was when my hair was at its longest during my natural hair journey. If I could combine that time from then to now, yeah I’d have a pretty big fro. But my ends were damaged from dying my hair, my hair wouldn’t take in the moisturizers easily then after detangling my hair was STILL tangled. So I ended up having to chop off half of my length.

Right now I am about to relax my hair using motions relaxer. I said in another post that I wanted to stretch my hair for 4c Texlaxed Hair30 weeks but I’m afraid if I let my hair continue to grow while its tangled and unmanageable now then I’ll b e causing more damage than progress. The middle of my hair is tangled and it feels like its sticking together like straw on a sweater. The back of my hair is sooooooooo curly and I hate it. I don’t hate the curls, they’re nice to look at when wet and easy to detangle. But I hate how when I run my fingers through my hair its just different textures everywhere. My hair goes from bone straight to almost straight to curly as hell (front to back). Even though I can treat it the same when it comes to my regimen, its still very annoying and it looks horrible when its dry.

So I’m going to relax it today using Motions Salon Care (Regular) Relaxer and update on that with photos of before and after. I’m not doing the texlax thing anymore I’m just not about that life lol. Bone straight is okay with me. I’m hoping that this really solves my tangled problems. Wish me luck!



4 thoughts on “Hair Journey Update: 14 Weeks Into My Relaxed Hair Stretch/Stay Away From Aussie Hair Insurance Heat Protectant (Review)

  1. Hey Girl, sorry you are having so many hair problems, question, have your heard of Dr. Miracles Relaxer, (, lots of ladies give it really great reviews, never tried it personally but check it out, might help.
    From what i see, both of your textures are at war, which is causing so many problems, hope you find the best solution. . Thank your for the tip about the heat protectant

    • Thank you for your suggestion you always have something helpful to say <3.
      I've heard of Dr miracles and I've seen the reviews on it. I've also seen women on forums discuss it and a lot say that its not that great. So I guess the reviews are 50/50 but to my surprise they dont sale Dr Miracles in my area. They mostly sale all the kids relaxers, Lusters pink, optium, africans best, african pride, motions and other no name companies.
      I've used motions in the past before I went natural and that' was around the time my hair began to really grow and look healthy so I'm going to use this for now and if it goes well I will use it again.

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