Pampering My Feet with Homemade Exfoliant & Foot Soak

Last night was my first night working toward my goals. My main goal really is to just be proactive and get things done. Homemade ExfoliantAlthough I didn’t do everything I planned I still did some of the things which is a good start in my eyes. I cleaned up my room a little by throwing a away a couple….okay, A LOT of papers that had been hanging around and in my drawers. Yea I’m the type of person that jams things in their drawer. Hopefully this year I can change that.

After doing a little cleaning I some research on pinterest on how to use products at home to give yourself a pedicure. My feet were ROUGH. I mean I had cracks so bad that when my feet were dry I could peel it off so I needed this lol. I found a awesome diy recipe for the foot bath; Listerine, vinegar and warm water. I soaked my feet in the recipe for foot soak and it worked big time. You know that refreshing feeling listerine gives you after washing your mouth. Thats how my feet felt. BUT for it to work really good the water needs to be warm or hot. After that I scrubbed my feet with an exfoliant I made which I found on pinterest; brown sugar, white sugar, cinnamon and olive oil. I’ve never used an exfoliant before but this was pretty fun to make and use although it was messy :D. I just love using my extra virgin olive oil.

Afterward the results were fantastic. Omg it felt sssooooo good. Even though I couldn’t get my feet extremely smooth because I was advised by my aunt that you should not scrub your feet too hard, you have to be gentle or else the skin will regrow back rough (which got me to that point in the first place). I did make some huge progress. I can tell my feet are a lot more smoother. I didn’t paint my nails or anything like that because I knew I’d have to do it again plus I didn’t have a nail file to file or reshape my toe nails.

Next week I plan on doing the same thing with my feet.

Links to recipes:

Exfoliant –

Foot Soak –



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