Hair Journey Update: 13 Weeks Post Relaxer

Yesterday I gave my hair a protein treatment using peanut butter mixed with olive oil, rosemary oil & yogurt. Next time I will do 4c dyed hair natural to relaxedit without the yogurt. The yogurt made the mixture soft and loosey and my hair didn’t get the reaction I was looking for out of the protein treatment. Although it was nice to try something different next time I will just stick to peanut butter and olive oil.  After the protein treatment I deep conditioned my hair using a mixture of coconut milk, conditioner and olive oil. I poured wwaaaayyy too much coconut milk and everything just came out loosey and watery. I will definitely go light on the coconut milk next time. . Afterwards I put some leaving conditioner in it along with virgin olive oil and blow dried it. I don’t plan on blow drying it again anytime soon. The only reason I did blow dry it was because my hair tends to get crazy tangled when it air dries, now that its relaxed. I know all I have to do is comb it and it wont be tangled as it drys but the hair is just so fragile compared to my natural hair that I barely like even touching it especially with a comb. Plus I haven’t done anything to my hair in 2 months. After that I re-moisturized and sealed my hair then braided it.

After doing all of this to my hair I realized exactly why I left those twists in my hair. I had completely forgotten that the front of my hair was heat damaged. When I did my relaxer back in October  only relaxed the front of my hair leaving the rest natural. It came out nice in my eyes then afterward I flat ironed it. Like in the picture shown. I did not use a heat protectant. Then about a week or 2 weeks later I went in and relaxed/texlaxed the rest of my hair using the kids texturizer and it came out alright. My hair was still curly and it still looks natural. After that I decided to flat iron my hair again. BUT this time I decided to use a heat protectant and I decided to flat iron ALL of my hair. After I was done I realized that some areas of my hair were damaged from flat ironing it. Like that were STIFF and my hair was not like that before. So some of my hair is heat damaged. The front of my hair is so fragile from the heat damage I feel like crying. Then to the right side of my ear the hair there is just stiff, it feels like a weight or straw. The rest of my hair like in the back. It still feels natural it can handle heat. But never again will I ever flat iron my hair unless its by a professional or someone I trust. Theres too many heatless methods out there for me to use to even attempt to abuse my hair like that again. Lesson learned.

One of the most important lessons I learned also is that MY HAIR DOES NOT LIKE SILK OR SATIN SCARVES. People swear by it up and down but my hair just dries out like crazy versus the baggy method it keeps my hair moisturized. Most of 2013 during my natural hair journey I used the baggy method a lot and I saw some much hair growth it was ridiculous. In July 2013 I  had to cut my hair back to the length it was in October 2012 because of the damage I had from dying my hair. And using the baggy method so much really helped my hair grow back fast. (I’m going to have to include a lot of photos lol.)

Since I relaxed my hair I have just been using the silk scarf to wrap my hair. I haven’t even bothered with the baggy method. I’m going to go back to using the baggy method for this week and see if my hair still likes it. I also want to focus more on moisturizing and massaging my scalp. I need to show my hair more love than I have been doing and this is a great time to start.

From now on my goal for my hair will just be to moisturize it everyday, deep condition it on Saturdays and give it a protein treatment on the 2nd Sunday of every month. I’ve been stretching my relaxer for 13 weeks now. April 1st is when I am planning on relaxing the new growth which will be a total of 20 weeks by then. I know its going to be hard to maintain the new growth as far as styling my hair for going out in public but its the Winter season right now so its okay to wear a hat over my hair. Thats how I’m going to get away with this stretch 😉 and if I can stretch it past April 1st then I will.

I also order some more moisturizer from so in February I am going to be in business! Its really going down!



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