Home Inspiration: The Dining Table of My Dreams

I never liked BIG dining tables. I’m actually starting to notice big things in general are just no longer appealing to me.  Like when I search for things I never want it too big, its always gotta be medium or small enough for me to be able to handle it on my own unless its clothing and soon that’ll change too.

I first saw a table like this when one of my inspirations did a photoshoot with it. It took me about an hour to find the photo of her with the table but I finally found it. When I saw it in the photo I thought to myself,”Wow what a great idea”.

If you’re a person like me that doesn’t like “too much” company  then this table is perfect. I’m the type of person where if theres a group of people at my house I want them to leave as soon as possible. Theres no reason for a large group of people  should feel like they need to stay at your house forever especially if they’re just visiting. So the smaller your stuff is the likely they are to leave because there literally is no where for them to stay. At least that is my logic.

2 seat dining tables (1) 2 seat dining tables (2) 2 seat dining tables (3)




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