Day 4 of 30 Day Challenge: No Soda, No Juice & No Candy

So yes I did it again. I had a Dr Pepper but I split the can with my mother. By the time I remembered the challenge I had already taken a sip. The day is not over and I do not plan on drinking anymore soda either. It will be easy to avoid juice and candy so that’s no problem for me.. The temptation of the soda is the hardest part.
I know I can control it during the weekdays because I will be at work and I will only consume what I bring to work with me. Then when I get home I will be too tired to consider drinking soda.

So what precautions I will be taking is keeping the refrigerator filled with water. I will try and move the soda where its not…visible to me. I’ll actually put the water in front of the soda so I can think before I get it. I’m the only one in my household that drinks water so that’s why this so challenging. Its always around! And when its not around drinking water comes naturally I don’t even complain.

So that’s what I will do soda wise.
As for my eating habits which I am tackling along with this challenge what I will be doing is prepping my lunch for work every night before…or early in the morning. I bought a watermelon and two cantaloupes along with a pack of organic baby spinach. That should last me all week for work if no one else eats it. I will rotate and eat cantaloupe one day then eat watermelon the next. I will be eating baby spinach everyday for work. Then when I get home if I am still hungry I will already have some food chopped up, marinated and ready to cook. That way I don’t eat and junk food and I’ll have a full meal. For breakfast I will be eating toast or a peanut butter sandwich and if there’s any fruit left over from prepping my lunch I will eat that for breakfast :D.

I think that’s a reasonably good plan to healthy.



One thought on “Day 4 of 30 Day Challenge: No Soda, No Juice & No Candy

  1. Great going girl, was soo close today to eating chips, but had flaxseed crackers instead, plant to drink more teas and water, no solid food after 6pm, so will see how it goes!!! Congrats girl, keep going, only 26 more days left!!!

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