Day 1, 2, & 3 of 30 Challenge: No Soda, No Juice & No Candy

Day 1 – Thursday Nov 14, 2013

I think I did a good job today. I did not consume any soda or juice nor candy. It was quite easy since this was my first day of work and the job I’m working VERY fast pace and physically demanding. You have to stand most of the day besides break time, so yes my feet are hurting.
But besides that I did eat horribly today. Actually today is the worst I have eaten in a long time and I did not like it at all.
I didnt have time to make myself breakfast this morning or a lunch so I stopped by Mcdonalds and got 2 bacon egg and cheese bagels along with a hash brown. I ate one for breakfast and one for lunch. As I was eating lunch I noticed everyone even the smaller women were all eating junk food. I just did not like that feeling at all. I mean being at the age of 18+ and having junk food as the primary option to eat. And I know why they were eating junk food. Like me, they didnt have time nor take the time to make a good lunch….or maybe they just enjoy that food and eat like that regulary. But after today and seeing that I’ve decided that Im going to use my job as my way of getting back to eating healthy…for now. I’ll be spending most of my day at work and by the time I get home a small sandwich with water would probably feel me up along with some sleep.


Day 2 – Friday Nov 15, 2013

Once again I did not partake in any soda, juice or candy. I prepared my lunch early this morning with water, homemade mashed potates, and my little mixture of green bell peppers, onions, garlic and chicken breast all cooked in extra virgin olive oil. Two cap fulls…or 2 teaspoons.
Although I did good eating healthy at work I crashed once I left. It was Friday my feet were hurting from wearing the wrong shoes. I didnt have and sneakers so I had to settle for some comfortable low heel shoes and quite honestly after standing in them for 8 hours I dont even consider them comfortable anymore lol. Plus I was ready to go home.
My mom and I went looking for me some sneakers first. I stopped by Payless first but their shoes were so thin and no support. So I ended up going to the mall to Burlington Coat Factory and getting some Addidas. They were pink and grey…I know dang well I dont have anything to match it so my sense of fashion has just flown out the window for my job lol.
After that we went to Auntie Annies and I got two pretzels along with a small lemon slushie drink. Then when I got home I had a left over Wendy Sandwich. Then I went to bed. Thinking about it now I think I did okay eating I mean I’ve done worse lol.


Day 3 (Nov 16, 2013)

I dont remember what I ate but I do know that I did not consume any candy or juice but I did have a can of dr pepper :(. I will try to do better tomorrow.



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