Can You Say Blessing?

I only have a couple of minutes this morning to write about this to write but  I just want to say, yesterday was a HUGE blessing.
It started off so nice and I barely ever have nice days lol My aunt, R, and my grandmother visited early in the morning. My grandmother came over to see my niece which I was happy about because I didnt have to baby sit. Huge relief. My aunt R who is in her 40’s is expecting her child any moment now and she came over for me to do her hair. She’s a natural that has no clue what do with her hair. When I put my hands in her hair it was as hard as a brick. I had to go section by section spritzing it with apple cider vinegar and finger detangling it. I didn’t want to use a comb because I didn’t want to cause damage. After I finger detangled it I put each section in twist while putting my deep conditioner mix on it (50% conditioner and 50% extra virgin olive oil). I put a shower cap on her hair and after that she along with my grandmother left to go pick up her kids. Overall it took about 2 or 3 hours for me to do that to her hair. She thought she had very short hair but after I detangled her hair I showed her that it surpassed her shoulders. She was very surprised especially since she doesn’t do ANYTHING to her hair except put a hat on and occasionally wash it.

After they left I put the baby to sleep and got some rest. While I was asleep the phone rang and I thank God my mom answered because I was so knocked out I didn’t hear a thing. She called me to the phone and it was my temp agency surprisingly. She had a job for me. To be quite honest I was so tired, I didn’t even realize what had just happen I just said thank you very much and went back to sleep lol. But after I woke I was so happy and excited. So today I start my new job! 😀 Yay! Now I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to order some more hair moisturize from texturemenatural lol. I ordered a huge set of her products for about $76  way back in June or July and its STILL holding up on me but I only have a tiny pit left. I have two days worth of conditioner and maybe a weeks worth of moisturizer left. I’m also very low on sealant.

So I am happy!! I’m also excited, not really about my aunt R’s child….okay yes I am lol but I’m also excited about the fact that when she does go into labor I’ll have an excuse to stay away from home lol. Plus its at my favorite hospital and that have a nice empty lounge I can wait in and read books that no one goes to at night :D. I know, greedy right? But I don’t mind its the truth lol. So I am also excited about that too and thank God for it because although I was really not expecting anything, he came through.

I also forgot to mention I saw my stages of natural hair photo on a facebook page yesterday and it was a popular page too! to be exact. I’m happy about that too because I actually did something that helps a lot of people out and that alone is a blessing, I love helping people.



4 thoughts on “Can You Say Blessing?

    • Thank you for the encouragement 🙂 I started today and I was able to avoid the soda, candy and juice. It was very easy since I was working most of the day. Thank you so much for joining me 🙂

      • Anytime my lady, avoided the same today, but was thissss close to eating a candy, had completely forgot, thankfully before I put it in my mouth, remembered 🙂
        It’s fun girl, you are most welcomed!!

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