30 Day Challenge: No Soda, No Juice & No Candy!

Anyone can join me on this challenge if you struggle with these things too.
I might as well get on the natural weight loss wagon right now instead of waiting around for “this and that”. Two of my no to junk food challengecurrent problems besides eating junk food is that dam candy and drinking soda along with juice too. I like water and that’s all I really need to drink. Nothing can replace what water does for you. As for the candy, my mom brought home a whole bunch of Halloween candy a week ago and since then I’ve been eating some everyday. I just need to step the away from that period. I haven’t really been eating candy throughout the year like that anyway so it should be easy to drop. As for juice, I’ve been drinking Capri Sun’s a lot and I want to drop that too.

I’ve tried doing my lemon detox but to be honest, its fucking nasty to me now. Sorry for the language but I can’t take it anymore. I use to love it but now I hate it. The acid from the lemon has caused some damage on my teeth too. I don’t want it anymore…water alone is good enough. I don’t know what I am going to do with these lemons I have left but I am hoping to find a healthy recipe online that puts them into good use.

The only exception that I am making to this challenge is eating slushies or icees. I loooooooooooove them with a passion and I don’t drink them too often so I don’t think it will effect me much if I have a drink of it maybe once every two weeks or once a month.

I will try to blog everyday about how I ate and if I avoided these items. Hopefully I don’t give in.I really want to take this slow so I can stick to it. While I am doing this challenge I will continue to read and study up on ways to lose weight and things about the body so I’m not just doing this without knowledge. I may or may not eat junk food. Next month or the month after that I want to tackle junk food which is a big step so I want to be as careful as I can be with that one so I don’t end up crashing. Wish me luck!



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