My Journey with Weight Gain & Weight Loss

Everyone has a different story on how they gained their weight or method. Mine was simple: I got into a relationship and IArina Varskaya started to get comfortable. Prior to that my weight was always around the same weight 160 lbs. But when I went into relationship mode, I kept eating McDonalds and Arby’s just about every day. When I went to McDonalds I would always order my favorite, Bacon Egg and Cheese Bagel. Sometimes I would order two of them, that was about 1,000 calories in one sitting.  At Arbys I would always get the curly fries and dr pepper. If I didn’t go to those two places then I’d stop by the store and get some candy or soda. At school I always went to the vending machine and got chips  along with eating school lunches. I was not that active physically.Then when I arrived home I would eat on top of that. The junk food I ate was never ending. As dumb as it may sound, I never knew the connection between junk food and weight. I didn’t understand any of that nor was it a concern. I wish I would have had some knowledge about it. I was so comfortable in my relationship that I didn’t even notice I had went from 160 lbs to 210 lbs within 2 YEARS!!

By the time I graduated High School I weighed 210 lbs. Still in my relationship I gained 30 lbs more weighing 240 lbs, my highest weight. A year later we broke up and thats when I truly realized how much weight I had gained.

My current weight is 210 lbs. I know for some people who stumbled across this post that might be a lot but for me, its a blessing. This year I managed to drop 30 lbs. I lost the weight by simply changing my eating habits. I didnt really exercise.
I simply stopped drinking soda and replaced it with water. I started cooking all of my meals myself instead of eating out. I only ate when I was hungry. I ate things like watermelon, cantaloupe, bell peppers, white rice (I’m allergic to brown rice for some reason), no salt EVER on my food, water (sometimes lemon and water), occasionally baby spinach, chicken breast, onions, garlic and grapes.
Simple right? Well that little meal plan helped me lose 30 lbs. Yes honey! Lol.

Now I am at the point where I need re-direction. I have been at 210 lbs since August of this year. The lowest I’ve weighed in was 208 or 207 lbs. 11 lbs more and I will officially be out of the 200’s.

I’m back to eating junk food. Every time I try to eat healthy like I was doing, I fall off. I’m currently trying to find a new method on how to lose weight because my previous method is obviously not going to work. I’ve downloaded weight loss after weight loss book and so far I started reading one. Its called,”The Diet Dropout’s Guide to Natural Weight Loss Find Your Easiest Path to Naturally Thin”. You can find it on  or just google it and you can get it for free from somewhere.

I really like the book so far its basically putting together a little bit of everything I’ve learned so far about weight gain. It starts out by telling you statistics and how you might’ve gained weight being in America. Then it tells you how to naturally lose weight which is basically by gradually dropping old habits one at a time instead of just dropping them all at once like I had did. Right now I am on chapter 3.

My goal for my body is to eventually become a body builder or at least be fit like one. I know, I am faaar from that right now and even though my eating habits aren’t so good. I have faith that I will eventually get somewhere. The photo I used for this post is of Arina Varskaya, she’s my biggest inspiration right now. Half the stuff she posts isn’t in english its in russian but still I idolize her. She didn’t always use to be fit the way she is now. She posted an old photo of her before all of the muscles and fitness (which I cant find) ever since then I’ve been a fan. I don’t know what she does besides lifting weights to achieve her body but I’m hoping to find a way to get where she is.



4 thoughts on “My Journey with Weight Gain & Weight Loss

  1. Hey Doll, do what you gotta do, the most important thing is that you are healthy, something that I will be trying myself is instead of eating dinner, will replace with hot teas, fruit salad, or veggies, and try to drink a cup of hot tea per day, it really helps. Keep us posted on your progress and you can do it doll!!!

    • Hey, thank you for the advice. I do the exact opposite. For breakfast I eat a fruit or vegetables. I hardly ever eat junk for breakfast. Maybe that’s why I have been able to maintain the same weight. Not sure lol.

      • Hehehe, junk food is yummy girl, I loveeeeeeeeeeeee chips, cookies, ice cream and soda!!!! Have tried to wean myself off……………………………maybe in about 10 years will be able to do that, hehehe. Try to drink 2 cups of tea per day then and in my personal opinion, from your pics, you are gorgeous doll and don’t need to lose anything, just stay as healthy as you can 🙂

  2. Hey! I am also trying to lose a few lbs the healthy way… it’s a hard and slow process but it’s the only sane method, and the only way to actually keep them off for good! Good luck on your journey!

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