Hair Journey Update: I Relaxed/Texlaxed My Hair (4c Dyed Hair)

I have been sooo lazy when it comes to blogging its ridiculous. I’ll start a blog and then I never finish lol. Look at this to the rightdraft post because I've been lazy. 15 drafts in one month and I’ve only published like 9 or 8 posts for this month lol. Isn’t that something? But the crazy thing is I do visit my blog just to get reference or to see what I wrote. Thats the best thing about a blog its like a schedule tracker or a life tracker for me.

half natural half relaxed dyed hair - 3Back on track. I TEXLAXED MY HAIR!! I had relaxed only the front of my hair two weeks. You can see how it was before in photo to the left I flat ironed my hair after deep conditioning it, NOPE I did not use a heat protectant. I watched a youtube video by “Sistawithrealhair” and after watching it I realized I never did use a heat protectant growing up even when I had elbow/waist length relaxed healthy hair. I know her hair is natural and mine is relaxed but you know what, I am learning that the only line drawn between naturals and relaxed folk, is chemicals are involved. THAT’S IT. I am having success using my the same natural regimen I used on my natural hair with my relaxed hair.

So now, my whole head has been chemically processed. And you know what? I’m happy about it. Something that I’ve always longed for is healthy RELAXED hair. Yes I loved my natural hair and the curls but its not something I always wanted up until a little over a year ago. With my natural hair, I got to the point where I knew what to do with my hair. I know what it likes and what it doesn’t like. I mean the only challenge I had with it was my main pet peeve, the fact that I could not easily smooth my edges or my hair period. I mean I tried flat ironing it, blow drying it and gel. Nothing ever gave it that,”Yea I’m natural but I can get my hair to look like relaxed hair too”. I just could not get my hair to do that. For a while I thought about relaxing my hair but I backed down because I came so far in my natural hair journey. But now that I did it….I am very happy with that choice and I don’t have not a single regret.

For my relaxed front I used Pink Luster Touch up. I left it on for 5 minutes after applying then took it off. I used “Just for me natural to texlaxed dyed hairtexture softner” The kids texturizer, for the rest of my hair. I used the whole bottle of sunflower oil in the relaxer and based my hair with extra virgin olive oil. This time I did have vaseline to base my hair BUT my natural hair was so thick that Vaseline couldn’t even get to my scalp plus its way too thin so I used the extra virgin olive oil. Its thick and it reaches my scalp plus it made my hair feel great. I did not get burned at all. I left it on my hair for about 5 or 7 minutes. My hair came out very UNDER processed especially the back because I didn’t give the texturizer enough time to sit in my hair. I kind of pulled at the front of my hair with is a NO NO and I lost the curl I had in it. Oopsie on my part lol. So here’s my results.

Right my hair texture is fine (in the front) to course (in the middle) to kinky curly (in the back). I love love love it! I get the best of 4c Texlaxed Hairboth worlds! In this photo to the right you can see the curls in the back of my hair and this is actually the first time I’ve ever seen my curls I usually just feel them but something told me to take a photo. Even though my hair has been chemically processed I still get to keep my curls while having easy to manage hair. Not only that but I save much more product & money because my hair  doesn’t require as much product. The only change I have made to my regimen is how I deep condition my hair and applying protein to my hair. I also changed what I seal my hair with but its just for the sake of using all of the products I have now instead of going out and blowing my money. I’ll talk about that in another post. I really do have a lot of photos to share for the post but posting them all in the discussion messes up the alignment of my posts, grrrr.

Well some upcoming posts will be my regimen, protein treatment and deep conditioner. I don’t know what other topics I will think of but I have a lot of inspirational weight loss photos to share so those will probably be going up daily. I would just post them to my tumblr but I have to show my wordpress page some love.



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