Natural Hair Inspiration: The Stages of 4b Hair

The other day someone commented that they wished I would do stage photos for all hair types. Prior to that I was really considering it but I said, no, not unless someone actually wants it. So when I saw that comment I said to myself, “Okay I’ll get right on it.” And I did. I’ve just been dragging my feet with blogging lately. I have so many hair updates that I need to put up…its ridiculous.

Now let me just say, when I was researching 4b hair types I noticed that there are SOOOOOOOOOOO MANY ladies that THINK they’re 4b’s when really they are 4c hair types, some were even 4a or 3c. I know exactly why they think that too. They probably posted a photo of their hair somewhere and asked some women,”What is my hair type” and they all guessed it or either they just assumed their pattern. Either way, theres a lot of misinformed ladies out there. So I had to stick people who I knew or recognized the pattern clearly.

The ladies that I selected. I had to lighted “stage 1 & 2’s” photos because they were so dark. But I will post the original photos after the stages photo. Anyway here is my take on 4b hair.

complete stages of 4b hair

Original photos for stage 2 and 1

4b stage 2 4b stage 1



6 thoughts on “Natural Hair Inspiration: The Stages of 4b Hair

  1. Reblogged this on islandkynks and commented:
    Hello Ladies, this one is : “The Stages of 4B Hair “, which is my Sister’s hair texture, currently in Stage 2 going to Stage 3 next year. Awesome right 🙂 Makes you feel so great to see your texture at different lengths, and all are beautiful.

  2. I haven’t really gotten into hair typing but if I try to type my hair, I think it falls into this category. I love these ladies’ hair! I’m currently at stage 2 and can’t wait until I hit stage 4!!!

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