What I’ve Learned About Relaxed Hair..and other things :)

I am half relaxed (in the front of my hair) and half natural (In the back) at the moment. In the next 8 weeks I plan on relaxing the Aaliyah's natural hairrest of my hair but in the mean time I am stacking up on knowledge about relaxed hair by reading blogs/websites and watching youtube videos like crazy. My goal is to have healthy long manageable relaxed hair. Yes I still love being natural but if I can grow my hair just as well being relaxed then I will.

Being relaxed at this time is the best time since all the relaxer and chemical products for hair are reducing in price. All of the ladies are going natural. I predict, in a couple of years all you’re going to be seeing is black women with long hair that is their REAL HAIR. Chinese vendors and BSW (beauty supply warehouses) will have most of their extensions and wigs on clearance because the only people that will be purchasing hair and wigs are the ones who enjoy protective styles (which a lot of naturals are against surprisingly). Braiding hair and actual hair accessories will be back in. It’ll be like Poetic justice era mixed with the 80’s. Companies that sale dying products, you may or may not be affected, women love changing their hair color. Shea butter sellers, say hello to my little friend PROFIT, your pockets shall grow. 😀

ENOUGH of the rambling lol.

Like I said in the beginning I have been stacking up on knowledge about relaxed hair. I’ve been a clueless relaxed child all of my life then turned natural and learned my texture and curl pattern. Now that I am going back to relaxing and learning how to properly care for my hair…everything is making so much sense now. It’s like failing a class then re-taking it and as you properly retain the information it just clicks easily because you’ve already been exposed to it.

This is what I’ve learned from my hair alone:

  1. Over processing your hair is one of the biggest mistakes a lot of people run into. I’ve heard this term once when I was a child but I didn’t know what it meant. Now I know what it means. When you have previous relaxed hair then you go in for a touch up and end up re-relaxing the hair that has already been relaxed…that is over processing your hair. Which causes it to be weak, prone to breakage and even useless. That was one of my biggest downfalls growing up and if it weren’t for that I probably would have never found myself wanting to go natural. My mom was the only one who did my relaxer and even know I look at her hair and see that it is breaking from being over processed because she’s relaxed over relaxed hair.
  2. Relaxed hair is very weak while it is completely damp. It is better to style it while it is half way dried. With my natural hair even though a lot of people say not to manipulate your hair while its wet, I could. My hair was very strong and it didn’t snap easily but I still treated it with care.
  3. You do not need to use as much product with relaxed hair as you do natural hair. With my natural hair I had to be heavy handed with moisturizing or else my hair would not retain moisture properly. I have very greedy hair lol.
  4. You can still use the same products that you used when you were natural on your relaxed hair. Right now I am in progress of building a new regimen for my relaxed hair. So far I’ve discovered that I can keep 2 items for my natural regimen, for my relaxed regimen: my peanut butter which is my protein treatment and my apple cider vinegar which is my clarifying shampoo.
  5. Relaxed hair is sooooo much easier to detangle. I can finally use a rat tail comb without having to worry about breakage or snagging hair. I haven’t used a rat tail comb in over a year and I have about 5 of them in my closet just waiting to be used lol. You still have to treat your hair with care though.
  6. Your hair will ALWAYS need moisture. Relaxed or natural, if you want your hair to grow then it needs to be moisturized AND sealed.
  7. You don’t have to use an adult relaxer, you can use a kids relaxer..or a texturizer. This tip is one I learned from shorty2sweet59. She uses the kids “Just for me Texturizer” on her which leaves her hair with some of the curl pattern yet straight. Its kind of like that outre wig “Tammy”. Straight but still kinky to it. I plan on trying that on my next touch up. I don’t want bone straight hair. I think that that’s when the hair is at its weakest if you let the chemicals process it that far.
  8. The most important lesson learned for me is, its never too late to learn about your hair or correct damage. After a while of my hair being short I kind of gave up on it being long and relied on weave as a teenager. Now looking at it I see glimpses of memories in High School with girls that had broken hair like me. Unhealthy hair, over processed and the girls that had long healthy hair. Everyone noticed them because it was rare to see a black girl that had long healthy hair. One thing I did notice. those girls that had long healthy hair, their hair never grew past that length all to 7th grade to 12th grade their hair was still the same lol. I am not sure why but I think it may be because of the lack of knowledge with our hair especially being relaxed. But now I strive for long hair and most importantly long hair.

What I’d Like to Learn About:

I’d like to learn about trimming ends. As a natural it was easy to tell if my ends needed trimming because my hair would begin tangling at the end or knotting. With relaxed hair I never really know because some people’s hair just look healthy but in the past my ends always look dusty and I don’t know if that’s just how my hair is, if its split ends or what but I am hoping to find out.

I think everyone needs a inspiration in their journey for that extra push. My biggest inspirations through my relaxed hair Onika shorty2sweet59journey will be Aaliyah for one. I know, she’s like everyone’s idol and its so sad she died because if she hadn’t I would know MORE ABOUT HER REGIMEN lol. (Greedy me.) Aaliyah had this thing about her like, Yes she had real hair. Yes she had talent and Yes she was beautiful BUT she was not cocky and she never had to throw it in anyone’s face. Thats what I loooved about her and I wish I could embody her spirit like that. Be beautiful and feel beautiful without making others feel less of themselves. Anyway my second inspiration is shorty2sweet59 from Youtube. I know I wrote in another post that I was watching her videos and not getting what I was looking for out of them. But after reading a few blogs and watching other youtube gurus I went back and literally dedicated my day to watching her videos and I actually might even follow her regimen, not using the same products but the outline of her regimen. Plus her hair looks close to Aaliyah’s.

That’s it for now. See you til next time :).



3 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned About Relaxed Hair..and other things :)

  1. Hey Girl,

    Congrats in your personal hair journey and wish you the best.

    There is a relaxer that I have heard a lot of good news about, here is the link:http://www.amazon.com/Dr-Miracles-Formula-Thermalceutical-Intensive/dp/B000TX7PI8

    I personally am never relaxing my hair again, because I can handle my natural hair 100 times better then I ever could my relaxed, but if you decide to relax your hair, then you want to do it the right way as you said in your post.

    So check out the reviews on this relaxer, and see if this might work for you.

    Keep the progress coming girl and happy healthy hair days.


    • Thank you very much for the recommendation the recommendation that was thoughtful of you <3.Years ago when I was relaxed Dr miracles had a product that some of my family members swore by because it was supposedly making their hair grow. I tried it and it stung my scalp pretty bad and made my hair stink. That was the only product I tried from his line. I'm going to give the kids relaxer a try in 8 weeks and if that doesn't work out for me then I will probaby give Dr Miracles a chance the next 8 weeks :). Thank you again.

      • Anytime girl, I love hair and know how hard it is to get the right information, so when I find the good stuff, will tell everyone I know, because we want the best for our tresses. Keep us posted in your progress Gorgeous.

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