Learning How To Maintain Healthy Relaxed Hair..The Pros & Cons

Now that I have relaxed the front of my hair and began to do research, I now realize that it is going to be a lot harder to learn how to take care of my hair relaxed versus natural. With natural hair all I have to do was apply water, moisturize and seal. With relaxed hair, question marks just pop up.

For one, the hair isn’t as strong compared to my natural. Lets just call it what it is, its limp. You have to be ultra careful with it. I mean, I was already careful with my natural hair but with relaxed hair it just feels so delicate. So I’ve been looking at youtubers who have relaxed hair like http://www.youtube.com/user/shorty2sweet59 & http://www.youtube.com/user/shorty2sweet59 and I am not getting what I want out of them.

This is what I want to do with my relaxed hair. I want to treat it like I did my natural hair. Wash it every week & deep condition along with protein treatment and moisturizing everyday or every other day using natural products. I don’t want to use store bought products or factory made products. That’s the problem I am running into. I can’t find any relaxed women with long healthy hair or just healthy relaxed hair that use natural products.

So this is definitely going to be a trial and error for me. I realize that my ends that I relaxed need a trimming big time but I am not going to trim them until I get the proper hair scissors and feel like I’ve learned enough to trim it correctly. Trimming relaxed hair is completely different from natural hair. If you trim natural hair and make a mistake, you can easily hide it especially if you’re a 4c. If you trim relaxed hair the wrong way, there is no hiding it. It is what it is and since its at it’s maximum length (assuming you just relaxed it), its not going to shrink, its going to stay that way.

Actually now that I think about it, I think instead of just researching relaxed women I need to research women that transition. Hmm we’ll see where I get from there.



6 thoughts on “Learning How To Maintain Healthy Relaxed Hair..The Pros & Cons

  1. You can find anyone with long healthy hair that uses natural products? Are you sure? Haven’t you heard of – seen any of Naptural85 videos. When she first started many years ago she didn’t but she evolved into only using natural products. Recently, I believe it was this year, because her hair is so long she added traders joes tea tree tingle conditioner back into her regime. It seems to have really good ingredients, but I don’t think it’s organic, but she’s all organic for the most part.

    • Hey, ofc I know about Naptural85 I did a post about her. I’ve seen majority of her videos but the thing is she’s not relaxed she’s natural. I’m looking for relaxed haired women that use natural products.

  2. Relaxed hair and natural hair are one in the same when it comes to products. There are no products for natural hair that isn’t designed for relaxed hair. You can still try to use some of the same recipes that you were using when you were natural and see if they agree with your now relaxed hair. TRUE the needs of your hair has changed, so some may work some may not. Just like even with store bought products, what may work for me, may not work for you. Or what works for you with nl hair, may no longer work for you with shoulder length hair. It is all trial and error. I hope that you don’t get discouraged bc you can’t find anyone with relaxed hair that does what you are wanting to do.

  3. Wait you can’t find anyone with healthy and relaxed hair to follow? Sorry there are plenty of people. These are all the women, blogs, sites and groups that I follow who represent gorgeous relaxed hair. Before I start listing everything, I have to say that I wash my relaxed hair just as you said you do your natural hair. Also you can avoid the limp look if you texlax your hair instead of relaxing your hair bone straight. I agree with the other commenter that natural products for be used on relaxed hair. For example, I use castor oil and pure virgin coconut oil to seal the moisture in my hair. Also, Carol’s Daughter and Hydratherma Naturals both make products for relaxed and natural hair. I’m more partial to Hydratherma Naturals because I can order online. In addition the site is a wealth of information. The owner used to be relaxed but now she is natural. But she didn’t abandon her relaxed clients and left up all the tips, etc she used when her hair was relaxed.

    Here is a list of relaxed hair web sites, women, blogs, etc:

    1. Sunshine who is the owner of the Hairlista site. I love Hairlista because natural and relaxed girls coexist side by side without shade. There are posts and particular groups depending on what you want to do with your hair. Btw Sunshine is relaxed and has her hair down her back. She uses a lot of protective styles which isn’t my thing. I like wearing my relaxed hair out.

    2. On YouTube there are: Dessy GT, Ebony C Princess, prettywitty77, ulovemegz, GlAmOuRcHiCkBrE, TheHappyHairShow, shorty2sweet59, KISSseventyseven

    This is just a few

    3. On Facebook: Hair Journey for Healthy Relaxed Hair, I Love My Relaxed Hair (it’s a closed group that you have to ask to join), Relaxed Thairapy, Kibbi Hair, Just Grow Already, Sdestra–healthy hair care, Relaxed Hair Health

    Healthyhairbyren has some old posts (about a year old) about caring for relaxed hair. Kiss is a relaxed hair site by one of the YouTubers KISSseventyseven. In fact a lot of these girls have Instagram, blogs or web sites. Black hair kitchen also has a relaxed group on its website. Latoya Jones at Latoyajonesblog.com. This is a link to a post that Latoya did called Relaxed Hair Can Be Healthy Too: http://www.latoyajonesblog.com/2013/09/relaxed-hair-can-be-healthy-too.html?m=1

    On Pinterest, Dontella Chews has a collage of black women with healthy relaxed hair called “Relaxed Hair Can Be Healthy too” which is different from the link above.

    So this is just a small sample of who is out there representing long and healthy relaxed hair.

    • Thank you! I really couldn’t find too many relaxed women. I mean I did find ulovemegz & shorty2sweet (and I looove shorty2sweet) but that is it. For me, when I’m on a hair journey of any kind I have to see a number of different references so I can pick and choose whose advice works best for me. Like when I was on my natural hair journey, I was following Taren for a while until I realized that she didn’t know much about her hair yet she was giving reviews, etc lol. So you have to be careful.

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