I Did The Ultimate Natural’s Taboo…I Relaxed My Hair!! Texlaxer :D

Well I relaxed some of it :). I relaxed the very front of my hair and no its not perfect. Prior to this I have only relaxed my hair by myself, once. This whole hair journey is something that I want to do alone so trial and error is crucial along with learning from it. I know there are a lot of naturals that look down on people for getting a relaxer or “giving in” but its my hair not yours, so kiss it! ❤

A lot of people suggest seeking a professionals opinion when it comes to chemicals but I do not trust hair salons at all, especially in my area. Practices that are common in salons in my area that style relaxed hair are basically “style your hair at all costs“. What I mean by that is, they will cause heat damage to your hair, use unhealthy products with sulfates, leave a relaxer in there way too long just to get a nice short-term outcome that looks cute. They don’t care how your hair looks once you take that hair style out.

Years ago I used to have long relaxed hair that surpassed my elbows, it was almost below waist length. Then one day I went to a salon and ever since then my hair began to fall out. It fell out to the point where it was to my ears. I’m not sure if it had to do with all of the “brown gel” that the stylist  threw on my head until the jar was empty or the fact that the relaxer burned my scalp or the fact that she CUT instead of “clipped” my ends but my hair never recovered from that length wise. It did grow back to pass my shoulders but never waist length again.

Anyway enough of the back story. So I relaxed the front of my hair using a Pink Touch Up Relaxer. I did not get a full relaxer because I knew I wouldn’t need it. I mentioned the reasons why I wanted to relax my hair in past posts so I wont get into it.

Prior to relaxing my hair I had washed and deep conditioned my hair a few days before and ofc moisturized my hair within those days. My hair was in twists the day before it and I didn’t want to manipulate my hair so I didn’t really get the curl out from the twists. The day of, I greased my scalp with extra virgin olive oil. I did not have Vaseline so I used that instead. I then applied the relaxer to my hair using the stick provided in the relaxer box and the gloves. I did not use a comb. I never liked when people used a comb relaxing my hair, it always irritated the crap out of my scalp and then I’d get sores. So I probably wont use a comb and if I do, it’ll be because I did research on it.

I followed the directions kind of. I only left it on my hair for like 7 minutes which is basically a texlaxer, whatever its called. The box says way longer but I was looking threw mynatural to relaxed 4c hair hair and saw it was getting straight so I said.”Okay that’s enough” and rinsed it out. It did not burn at all (except for one spot where I accidentally dropped relaxer on my face).

The end result: Its not incredibly straight but the curl from my hair is gone. The way I see it…I’m not going to worry about it being SUPER straight. Plus I don’t want to over process my hair trying to get it to look appealing. That’s the number 1 mistake made when you do relaxers at home.

So far I really love the fact that I can get my hands threw my hair and I don’t have to use gel on my hair I can just use my jcbo oil since its thick enough. Throughout my natural hair journey the front of my hair has always been the most difficult to handle. Even with my proper hair regimen and reducing manipulation the texture was always more rough than the rest of my hair and it grew slower. I think its due to how my hair was cared for over the years and the abuse of relaxers. My hair was never relaxed properly. Every time I got a relaxer my scalp was always burnt and then while my hair wasn’t relaxed I never moisturized or did anything to it except style it. I don’t even know how my hair grew the length it was lol.  I think relaxing the front of my hair was the best choice and I’m actually considering relaxing the rest of my hair.

What I am going to do now is learn more about relaxed hair and how to take care of it so that it is healthy. I already have read everything about how to take care of natural hair to the point where whenever I see tips or questions answered about natural hair, I already know it or know the answer.

I don’t want to go back to using store bought products, I like my homemade stuff. So this is definitely going to be a trial and error time. Once I get the right regimen for the front of my hair or finally obtain that healthy relaxed look. I will probably go on to relax the rest of my hair. I plan on only relaxing my hair 3 or 2 times a year which stretching my relaxer.

So let the journey to healthy relaxed hair begin!



One thought on “I Did The Ultimate Natural’s Taboo…I Relaxed My Hair!! Texlaxer :D

  1. Thanks for the post. This was really helped me to learn about texlaxer method for hair growth. I have belief on healthy vegan and protein diet for healthy hair growth. This can promotes healthy scalp and faster growth. Also nourishing hair with natural ingredients like coconut milk, henna, etc and natural oils like coconut, olive castor, rosemary etc can reduce hair loss gives you lustrous locks.

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