Natural Hair Inspiration: The Stages of 4C Hair

Some of you have seen the photo of the 4 stages of natural hair. Well I have decided to do a spin on it. I did a realistic 4 stage version for 4c hair only. Why? Well I have 4c hair and I find that alot of the photos online of 4c hair aren’t as plentiful as other hair types.. Since 4c is the kinkiest of all the hair types, what looks like shoulder length on us is actually a heck of a lot more once flat ironed or stretched. For stage 4, I know its nothing like the original but it was hard to find a photo of women with long 4c hair that was either not a wig or not stretched. So I settled for this photo as stage 4 since it is very long hair that isn’t stretched, as the other photos. With that, here is my take on the 4 stages of natural hair:

natural hair stages of 4c hair

The original



11 thoughts on “Natural Hair Inspiration: The Stages of 4C Hair

  1. Hey Girl,

    Love this post, currently in Stage 2, and by next year February should be entering in Stage 3!!!!

    Thank you, this really helps me. Keep up the great work!!!


  2. Hey Girl, I will like to refer my readers (will insert the link to your posts) to your 4A, 4B & 4C hair stages because your information is perfect, please let me know if that will be ok. Thanks.

  3. Reblogged this on islandkynks and commented:
    Hello Beauties, I am in love with these post from Vnatural because she shows us the different stages of Natural Hair Textures, this one is : “The Stages of 4C Hair “, which is my hair texture, currently in Stage 2 going to Stage 3 next year. Sweet πŸ™‚ Please check out her blog, it’s fantastic πŸ™‚

  4. I’m currently not even up to stage 1. Just did the big chop 2 weeks ago. Can’t wait to get to stage 1. Funny, right? Lol. Great post

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