Another Hair Journey Update: I’m Just Going to Let My Hair Grow

In my last update I was contemplating whether or not if I should relax some of my hair for a number of reasons. But today I found my self looking at my hair in the mirror and then I started thinking about how my hair looked last year november. It was rough, dry, short it felt and looked unhealthy…actually I looked unhealthy too lol. Actually let me show a recap photo of my progress because not only can you see my hair growth but you can see I lost weight too :D…in my face.

big chop progress 4c hair

So thats, that everything is explained in the photo and if you can tell, I lost weight in my face. I know I can tell._(but I wont admit it if anyone says it outside of the internet lol). After looking at my hair I realized by this time next year if I take care of my hair properly it will be double as long as it is now and it probably would have been longer if I didn’t dye my hair and cause damage to it, resulting in my cutting it.

But all in all this update is really to show what I did to my hair yesterday 10/5/13. Yesterday, I had to brush cut the ends becausbig chop 4c haire they were getting tangled and knotted.  Its in the photo below.

What I’ve learned about my hair:

  1. When it begins to knot at the ends, its time to trim.
  2. When it begins to stretch too far, its time for a protein treatment.
  3. It grows pretty fast when I treat it right and when I treat my body right.

Right now my goal for my hair is to grow. Why I am on this journey? Just like this blog it goes beyond hair. I do want my hair to be long, healthy and natural. I do care and value length because I know once my hair grows a certain length, it’ll influence my family members to want to follow & do the same. The same is with my weight loss. I’m losing weight so now my family wants to lose weight. Plus I’m tired of being apart of statistics. I don’t want to be apart of the  relaxed statistic, I don’t want to be apart of the “obese” statistic and I don’t want to have a “relaxed” state of mind. I want to be natural, I want to learn and explore how to do things on my own without having to rely on what is expected of me to do. Like going to car shop to get my light fixed when I can simply do it on my own, for cheaper.



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