#4 Ladies, Be Real With Yourself

Now I might be calling out some ladies on this one but its alright. If you realize something is wrong or something needs Long natural hair womanchanging, don’t grieve about it or get mad….change it. That’s the point of these daily advices I post and if you already know this or are working on it then good, continue to be better and love yourself.

So back to the post, be real with yourself. Have you ever felt like or heard someone say something along the lines,”I’m nice to everyone and I’m loving but no one seems to pick up on that” or “No one treats me nice but I treat them nice”.

If you feel that way then you need to check with yourself because you can’t change people but you can change and improve on yourself.

Ask yourself this question: Are you really being real toward people or are you just putting up an “act”?

Don’t lie to yourself about this one. Either you are displaying your true character to people or you aren’t and if you aren’t then ITS OKAY!! There is nothing wrong with thinking, “this is what I should do” or “this is how I want to be perceived”. Everyone wants someone or people to accept them on some type of level whether it be negative or positive.

The thing that you have to realize is you can’t make everyone happy. So once you start doing “you” and being yourself. Giving natural responses….then you’ll get natural responses in return. You don’t want to go throughout life getting responses simple because you’re always “pretending” to be this way or this person. In the end, the only person you’re deceiving and tricking is yourself. Remember, your path is YOUR PATH. No one elses, so the choices that YOU MAKE ultimately effect you.


*Every Thursday & Saturday will be “For the Ladies” day.*


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