Hair Journey Update: Growth, Baggy Method/Greenhouse Effect & Relaxer

big chop progress 10-1-13 vnatural

I know my edges look wild…thats how they’ve always been I can’t escape them and I hate using gel so I just leave them like that. I use to just give my self an edge up or just remove them completely but now I just embrace it.


Heres a recap of what I’ve done to my hair. June I stopped getting relaxers and began to transition. November 2012 I big chopped. I’ve dyed my hair 3 times this year: January, March & May. All attempts to get my hair red. In may I was successful so I stopped dying my hair. My hair had grown a lot, past should length which it had never done when it was relaxed in a looong time. Around June or July I realized that my ends were seriously damaged and split due to too many dye processes. I couldn’t even detangle my hair, it was soooo tangled a wide tooth comb couldn’t get threw it. So I had to cut it. The length I cut it, it barely reached past my ear. Some parts of my hair were still decent because I only cut according to the amount of damage I felt.

Cutting my hair was the best choice ever. Not only did I finally find the correct method or moisturizing and improving my regimen but I’ve really seen a lot of growth since. I moisturize my hair every two days. I wash it once a week and deep condition. I do a protein treatment once a month and I detangle my hair once a week, sometimes twice a week.

I use texturemenatural products. Mainly her moisturizer, conditioner and clay that i purchased a few months ago.

Besides my regimen I’ve also incorporated the “Baggy Method” into my life. I was first introduced to the baggy method on blackhairmedia last year.  The woman who posted about it advised you only do it for  3 or 5 days. I stopped doing it because I didn’t feel 3 or 5 days was enough. My hair was seriously suffering from moisture problems at the time. Fast forward to around July & August I thought about the baggy method again and began to research on youtube. This video caught my eye out of all the baggy method videos people have been putting up. I watched it and she said one thing that made me go back to the use the baggy method,”YOU CAN USE THE BAGGY METHOD AS MUCH AS YOU WANT”. After I heard that I put on a shower cap and never turned back.

I use the baggy method everyday now and as you can see from the my photos on the right..the combination of a proper regimen and using the baggy method has helped tremendously with growth. That’s my hair growth in 42 days, a little over a month. When I took that photo in August my hair barely brushed my shoulder (the back of my hair). Now its past shoulder length. Now not all of my hair is past shoulder length that’s going to take a while especially since that front of my hair is sensitive to the touch. But I am just so glad that now that I have everything I need, all I need to do is wait.

See what “Learning you hair” does for you?

The last thing that I want to talk about is relaxing my hair. Over the month I have been strongly considering relaxing the front of my hair and when I say front I mean like the perimeter. The reason why is because I’ve gone on a few job interviews and I can tell that my hair really intimidates some of the interviewers and sometimes it effects the outcome. Now I’m not just saying that its my hair that is the problem, it could have been an answer that I gave that’s wrong or maybe the job just wasn’t for me but through and through, I love my natural looking wigs. I love them big frizzy and natural looking and I get compliments like crazy.  But I don’t think its appropriate for a work environment especially when I’m just trying to get my foot through the door and you’re dealing with clients that just aren’t adjusted or as open as you are. Now once I get to know the company and get hired, the wild natural hair will come back definitely but I think I need to tamper it down and go for the relaxed look or the “silky” hair which I dread but if it helps me get a job then it gets me a job.

That also brings me to my next reason for wanting to relax my hair: my hair doesn’t blend with ANYthing. If I give my hair a twist out sometimes it does blend with wigs like La Jay. But twist outs only work in my hair every now and then plus I have to keep the twist in my hair for a day or two for it to come out properly and all shiny/stretched. I don’t have time like that and like I said before the front of my hair is very sensitive to the touch. The more I’m trying to blend it in with the hair and trying to do these twist outs, the more damage I’m doing to my hair. Plus it also effects my wallet. When you can only get a certain type of wig that means you have to a “certain” price.

Now i’m not saying a relaxer isn’t damaging its self because it is. Having some many years of relax abuse is what has caused the front of my hair to be so sensitive and prone to breakage. Its not even my hair its my scalp thatch been effected and it will probably be that way for a long time. I haven’t gotten a relaxers in over a year. With that being said, if I did get the front of my hair relaxed, it would be easier to blend with and I wouldn’t have to manipulate it that much which equals more growth. I would only relax my hair just that one time and I have experience fighting two textures so its all cool. So the next time my mother or sister gets a relaxer I’m going to use some on the front of my hair or just get a touch up box.

I know a lot of naturals would be against what I just said but its what I feel is best for me and my wallet. Plus it’s just hair. The world isn’t going to end. If worse comes to worse I will just cut it and start all over again. No big deal.



One thought on “Hair Journey Update: Growth, Baggy Method/Greenhouse Effect & Relaxer

  1. Hello: I think what you said was very honest. I am in my 30s, in the brink of my career and what you said about job interviews can happen. Doesn’t mean that it’s right, but it can happen. You have to do what works for you and the world that you live in on a day-to-day basis. Some people are in retail, some in real estate, some in banking. Different industries unfortunately have “preferences” for what people look like when representing their company. Like I said, it doesn’t make it right. At all.

    I too am going natural from a bad relaxer experience. I mean very bad. So I am transitioning now with wigs. Once I achieve the length, strength and health I am looking for, I don’t know what natural look I will go for. I don’t, however, plan to return to relaxers. That last experience brought tears and depression too late in my life. Plus I want my little girl to embrace her natural hair as long as possible before she decides to do what she wants to her hair. So I have to learn these hair tricks myself to pass them along to her.

    So whatever you decide, God bless, and pray for your hair not to go through those things that made you decide to go natural in the first place. You will be alright in whatever you decide.

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