#2 – Ladies, Love One Another

As Women we need to learn how to show love for each other and uplift one another. You don’t have to hug the chick next to you womenbecause she’s the same race as you but if you see something on her that looks nice or she’s dressed nice…take a chance and compliment her. Let her know when she got up this morning she did something right. Yes, I know some women can be straight up mean and not even say thank you but its the thought that counts. Don’t let it hinder you if you don’t get the response you want and if she does say thank you or smiles, well you just brightened up someones day.




2 thoughts on “#2 – Ladies, Love One Another

  1. I agree! Women that see each other as rivals is…silly. As women, we have so many issues in life. Why not support and help one another instead of being selfish? Where has that gotten anyone. (for some, the spot where they are now đŸ˜¦ )

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