Stereotypes & Racism Associated with Black Women on WordPress

So the other night I was on WordPress searching through my feeds and reading people’s post. I got a little curious and decided Photo credit to look up “Black women”. What I found had astonished me. I have never seen so much negativity associated with a ethnic group, specifically women at that.

I found one blog and I will not post the link to it, that directly is based upon hate and anger towards black women. Basically saying that every move we make, is a move of foolishness and that we don’t deserve our positions on Earth. That alone is just completely absurd, unrealistic and the person who created/posts on the blog probably has been undiagnosed with some disorder.

Anyway, a few months ago a guy said on Facebook to a woman that had posted about being bullied online and looked down upon because of her weight,“And remember: behind a keyboard everyone has the last word and their opinions are the truth and they are superior people….. behind a keyboard.”

That stuck with me once I read it because its true. Once you get off of the internet none of what transpires between you and some stranger should effect you negatively and if it does you need to limit your access.

So through and through I am now going to start posting something positive everyday about Black women. Actually not just black women but women in general. So when you view the feeds for black women or any other type of woman on wordpress that I can think of; you can at least see that there is someone that cares and supports you. Race is not everything, nor does it define who you are and at the end of the day we all have to live our lives and be happy. Don’t let negativity bring you down.



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5 thoughts on “Stereotypes & Racism Associated with Black Women on WordPress

    • The funny thing is he/she isn’t the only one with a blog like that. its ridiculous to me. Seriously, what did black women do to for you to want to express that much hate toward them and everyone is not the same so it makes no logical sense. The internet makes people so bold these days.

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