10 Reasons Why I Love Ciara

Before I begin I know there are a lot of Ciara haters out there or just supporters of Rihanna that feel the need to attack her. Well ciaraguess what. This list is not for you, its for Ciara so “c” your way out. I’m just joking. Anyone and everyone is entitled to their opinion just as long as its not rude or plain old disrespectful.

The idea behind this list is to just share why I really do love Ciara as an artist. She is also a huge inspiration to me. I’m not saying that she’s perfect but if you just look at the bright side of her instead of whatever negatives you feel about her, you really can come to favor her.

  1. She cares about her fans. If you are a Ciara fan then you know that she makes her music for us. If it weren’t for us I think she would have been stopped making music when her 4th album did surprisingly bad on the charts. Plus her fans go hard for her even though she may not have as many as other artist we still remain with her through thick and thin unlike some backslider fans. #UNFAITHFUL!
  2. She never gives up. Even though there are literally millions of people on the internet that repeatedly say that her career is over and that she should give up. She never gives in and continues to make music with a smile on her face.
  3. She believes in love. We all know from her relationship with 50 cent and other celebrities that she will sometimes hold on to something even though its bad for her but the explanation is obvious. She’s a hopeless romantic. Even though she’s been through some tough times relationship wise she still has a positive outlook on love and she shares her energy.
  4. She doesn’t let others expectations define her. You see it all the time. People want Ciara to do this and that or they want her album to go platinum if it doesn’t then she isn’t even relevant. But Ciara overcomes that at the end of the day and she obviously doesn’t let it get to her.
  5. She’s not overrated. I don’t know about you but when it comes to liking an artist, I’m greedy. I don’t like to share lol.ciara and future
  6. She looks great with Future. Its the truth. They do look good together, not only that but she sports a smile like crazy…more than normal :).
  7. She keeps up with her body. Now I know my ladies out there just love Ciara’s abs. I know some people says she looks too small sometimes but I love it. She’s small but she has muscle.
  8. She can dance.This is self explanatory. No female out there in the industry right now can touch Ciara when it comes to dancing, not even whoever your crazy mind might think of can. NO! No female can touch Cici when it comes to dancing and choreography.
  9. She takes care of her body. One of Ciara’s biggest inspiration is Janet Jackson, so I definitely see why she keeps those abs up also its just healthy to stay in shape. I’m taking notes from Ciara definitely.
  10. She handles haters well. I’ve already explained it :).

So that’s why I love me some Ciara!




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