Weight Loss: Challenging Myself, Setting Goals & Tattoos?

So all this summer has really been about me trying to figure out what I want to do with my life what path am I going to take and goals challenges losing weightwhere I should go. Now that I think about it the path I SHOULD be taking or first step is getting closer to God. I don’t know why I keep forgetting that. Maybe it just shows my relationship with God but I do pray everyday.

Anyway, one of my biggest challenge is weight loss. I need to lose at least 80 LBS. I’ve already lost 30 LBS and its proving to be challenging. It’s challenging because its hard to stay away from junk food or to stop self indulging when you’ve been doing it all your life. Its even harder when the people around you constantly do it or tell you things like, “You look fine” or “No more healthy food no one here wants it but you.” I have to literally deal with that everyday.

The other day I was watching Extreme Weight Loss and found out that every 4 in 5 black women are obese. OBESE! It made me feel horrible to be apart of that statistic especially since when you’re obese its like saying that I accept indulging myself until death by eating unhealthy or unfortunate events.

I’ve really been doing some thinking, research, daydreaming and searching on Pinterest lol. I’ve come up with challenges to help and motivate me through my journey for myself. Like I made a private page for myself that I can visit daily to keep track of my goals and challenges along with things I want in the future. I also made a diary on Diary.com and I literally just type about any and everything on my mind…like taking notes.

One of the challenges I came up with for myself is if I drink water for 14 days I can buy a new scale. Another challenge is, (and its long term) if I weigh in at 130 to 120 lbs I can get a tattoo (its in the photo). I’ve also come up with a schedule and menu to follow daily and weekly. I’m going to put them in motion next week and see how everything fairs. I think this will go great since I actually have a schedule to follow. I made them my desktop photos and screensaver since I’m on the computer all the time. Heres how the schedules look below.

3 1




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