Hair Advice: How To Moisturize Your Hair with L.C.O & L.O.C Method

During my hair journey I have used both methods and found that the neither methods really work for me. I had to come up with my own method (I will explain it later). Remember what works how the loc method worksbest for me may not work best for you, even if we have the same hair type.

The L.O.C method stands for “Liquid, Oil & Cream”.

The L.C.O method is reverse and stands for “Liquid, Cream & Oil”.

Both methods begin with a liquid because water is the essential to hair growth externally and internally. Think of your hair as a flower. Without water it would crumble and be prone to breakage.

With the  L.O.C method: You moisturize your hair in the same order. You apply the “Liquid” which is water in my case but some ladies just use a water based conditioner or moisturizer. Then you apply the “Oil” which could be extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, any type of oil or some type of sealant you like to use.  Afterwards you apply the cream which would probably be your shea butter or cocoa butter. Whatever you would like to use.

The L.C.O is reversed. You start with the liquid, water. Then the cream, shea butter. Afterwards the oil, almond oil. (These are just examples).

I found this photo, on the right, on Facebook to better explain what I am talking about.

For my hair my method is different. The L.C.O method left my hair feeling dry after a few hours. The L.O.C method left my hair feeling dry too. So I switched it up and figured out what my problem was. I use water then shea butter and then I use my moisturizer. I do not use any type of oil. Directly using oil just doesn’t work for me and I’m glad lol that means saving money on cooking supply  ;). So that would make my method…L.C.C. lol. But it works for me. It leaves my hair feeling soft and moist.

Hopefully this helps someone with a question about moisturizing or having problems moisturizing.




9 thoughts on “Hair Advice: How To Moisturize Your Hair with L.C.O & L.O.C Method

  1. Hi Jazzie, really good info, yes the LOC works for me, tried the LCO and it worked too but not as good as the LOC method. As long as we find something that works for our hair, we are happy right.

    Thanks girl and take care.


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