My Hair Regimen Using The Baggy Method

I wanted my next post to be about my hair regimen. My regimen has improved dramatically since I started my hair journey. I wentcats from buying product after product to trying to create my own products and listening to what ladies say then finally just listening to what my hair is saying. I think I’ve finally got a hold on everything so now all I have to do is be patient, eat healthy and moisturize.

Right now the only products that I use are:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water (to wash my hair)
  • Miracle Whip & Olive Oil (For deep conditioner)
  • Texture Me Natural Clay or Detox mixed with tea
  • Peanut Butter (For protein treatment)
  • Texturemenatural Auntie Cookie’s Moisturizer
  • Texturemenatural Conditioner
  • Texturemenatural Healing butter (Sealant)
  • Bottle of water (Spritz my hair with)
  • T-shirt/Old Dress to wrap my hair when its wet
  • Shower Cap (For the baggy method)

Once a week I wash/deep condition my hair. I do this by applying acv mixed with water using a spritz bottle then I apply the mayo and olive oil mixture with my hands to sections of my hair especially the scalp. I put a shower cap on my head for a hour or 2 then I rinse my hair under cold water. I then apply the clay mix with green tea to my hair. Its usually cold because I leave it in the fridge. After that I detangle my hair then I rinse it with cold water. I then pat my hair with a t-shirt and apply the conditioner. Then I wrap my head for a few hours. Then I spritz my hair with water and seal it. Afterward I apply the moisturizer to my hair.

Once a month I give myself a protein treatment. I use peanut butter. I take as much as I need put it in a bowl then warm it up for 15 or 20 secs, this makes it easier to apply. I then apply it to my hair in sections. After I’m done I put a shower cap on for 1 to 5 hours. The longer, the better. You can even sleep with it on your hair but I can’t stand peanut butter smell and the scent would probably get stuck in my sheets so I have never tried. Afterward I rinse it under cold water making sure that I massage the scalp. The scalp is the most important part when you are rinsing or washing your hair. After using the peanut butter if you still smell it in your hair then you probably didnt get it out correctly. After that I wrap my hair and moisturize it as is.

As for the baggy method: I use it everyday. Why? You might ask. Well I have VERY sensitive edges. They’ve been like that since my relaxer days. They were so damaged from the relaxers that even though the rest of my hair grew long the front of my hair always grew slow and weak….so even though I went natural it still has that effect and growth rate. I think my actual scalp is damaged in that area. Anyway, using silk scarves to cover them actually hinders them from growth and so does just leaving my hair out. So I figured if I’m going to cover my hair it might as well be doing something beneficial than harmful especially since the front of my hair is so sensitive. Of course I do let my hair breath or I’ll use a cap with a hole in it. I read that you shouldn’t use it too often  and I’ve seen people say you can do it as much as you want so right now I’m doing what works for me because not every thing everyone does will work for you. So far I have only seen good effects especially since I have changed my regimen.



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