TOP 10 Natural Hair Gurus On Youtube ~ 2013

There are soooo many Natural Hair Gurus that have had their effect on women versus Youtube Gurus that do full lace and half wig reviews for companies, they’re easier to pinpoint because there’s people like muffinsismylovers or lovekisses99 that just STAND OUT, do good reviews and the wigs are either good or they’re not. But with natural hair its such a wide field because what  may work for that person may not work for you or you could just be using the product wrong. These women in this list have helped me through Natural85 long natural hair 4amy natural hair journey as a 4c hair type. A lot of women say hair typing doesn’t matter but in my opinion it sometimes makes a difference. If I find any other natural hair gurus that didn’t make it on the list I’ll list them at the bottom :).

TOP 10 Natural Hair Gurus On Youtube as of 2013:

  1. Naptural85, There  is absolutely NOTHING that I don’t love about Naptural85. Some people might say,”Oh she has long beautiful hair, thats why.” My response,”Nope! I’ve been a fan long before the long hair”. I’ve always loved her energy, she’s a sweetheart. She gives clean cut advice and she doesn’t mind answering the same questions over and over again like some other natural hair gurus. Any tips that I have taken from her videos have always been spot on. She does some great DIY’s (Do it yourself) on products for your hair. She thoroughly shows you the process she goes through with her hair. She shows the ups & downs of long hair vs short hair. She’s active on facebook & Twitter and has her own website. Also when you go to her YouTube channel you get to see videos from when her hair was short vs videos when her hair is now long. Most Natural Hair Youtube gurus who already have long hair only have videos of them with long hair and none when their hair was short or their hair has just always been long. If you’re a natural and you don’t know her…then get to know her because I seriously doubt you wont love her after watching her videos.
  2. NaturalSistas, This youtube channel made it second on the list because not only is the advice for natural hair that is given is awesome BUT you get 3 perspectives on natural hair from 3 different women (who are sisters). Now I’ve seen plenty of channels where people share and do videos but NaturalSistas videos are much like Naptural85’s videos…clean, simple and easy to follow. The directions are advice given is very detailed along with lots of encouragement. You also get weight loss tips since one of the sisters, India, lost a decent amount of weight. Its very easy to fall in love with their channel.
  3. HeyFranHey, What I love about Fran’s Youtube channel is that not only does she help you with your natural hair but she also helps you with eating healthy. Some naturals only use natural products (organic) on their hair or practice not using chemicals/sulfates on their hair but if you’re like me then you practice using natural products for your hair and your body. Going natural just opened the door for me. Anyway Fran is perfect for that. If you need some inspiration for your natural hair and eating healthy she helps with both. To me, it inspires and motivates me to see someone put extra effort in. Also her videos are great quality too.
  4. Chescalocs, if you have and if you’re in dreads/locs then Chescalocs is a great Youtube Guru for you. I may not wear dreads but I have watched a lot of her videos because I was at one time interested in getting some. Her personality is very goofy and fun. She shows you how to style, maintain, create dreads, etc.
  5. SunKissAlba, I think the most eye catching thing when it comes to natural hair videos is clean, short (some of them) while detailed. Sunkissalba does a great job with providing information and such. Her curl pattern is gorgeous. She has some diys and make up tutorials along with natural hair videos and tips. Very pleasing to the eye.
  6. Quest for the perfect curl, This woman is such a cutie pie, she’s been on youtube for 3 years and you can actually go back through her videos to see when she did the big chop. I love it when a youtuber starts off with short hair and then you can see the growth of their hair throughout the videos. She does a lot of tutorials on hair, natural hair tips giveaways and reviews on products. Her videos are nice and clean, never too overwhelming. She’s also a natural that has dyed her hair. So if you’re looking to dye your hair or if you did dye your hair like me, her channel is a good one to look at.
  7. BlackIzBeautyful, To be quite honest I am not a big fan of her at all. I don’t like the make up she wears at all (I know that’s petty but I am not a fan of…make up in general unless its blended to look natural lol its a pet peeve) and I’m not a fan of the products she uses. I like having handmade products which aren’t made by manufacturers BUT if you’re looking for store bought product reviews then BlackIzBeautyful is PERFECT for you because she does countless reviews. She has one of the best twist outs I’ve seen on a youtuber, its always on point. She has a great attitude , has giveaways, meet ups and hosts natural hair events. Check her out.
  8. Peeks Of The MO-AM Network, This channel is kind of like Taren’s channel on steroids (in my opinion). The reason why I say that is because she does have a lot of videos on how to maintain and style your natural hair along with growth tips. But she also has tips on pregnancy, cosmetics, giveaways and many other topics. So its not only about natural hair but she does offer plenty of information which I love. The images for her videos are also very POP and vibrant. Her fro is eye catching too.
  9. HairCrush, Now if you’re a constant browser on any of the social media sites for natural hair then you know her face. She’s all over Tumblr when it comes to natural hair. I really get the feeling from her that since she has long natural hair people automatically want to listen to her advice because of that. That’s not a bad thing at all, if you think about it; would you rather listen to a woman with natural long hair or a woman who keeps her natural hair short IF you’re trying to grow your hair? while I don’t know much about her. I have watched her videos and they are useful plus when you see someone all over the internet of course you want to know more about them. So check her out.
  10. MahoganyCurls, Mahogany has been around for a while and has been a huge inspiration to many ladies around youtube. She frequently updates her videos and has some nice tutorials on hair along with advice. Very clean looking and well put together videos.


Natural Hair Gurus on Youtube That Didn’t Make the List

(Some of them only have a few natural hair videos):

UrbanBushBabes, This channel doesn’t have many videos like some of the other youtubers but the videos they do have offer a lot of useful information and sit-down talks about natural hair. Along with tutorials and other videos.

Taren Guy, When I first found Taren’s channel she had just did the big chop and there was a fuss in her comments section about her wearing wigs and trying to be natural but out of all the drama Taren prevailed. Through Taren’s videos you gradually see her hair growth progress and how nicely her hair grows month to month. She also dyed her natural hair but she doesn’t offer tips on it. She has a few wigs reviews, videos about fitness, faqs, etc. She’s been on youtube for a while and she has great energy. Unfortunately she didn’t make the list because she doesn’t pack much “knowledge” about natural hair and proper products for learning naturals.

Jo Michelle –

Fashion Snob –

Jouelzy –

MeekaJael –

Michelle B –

Michelle Howard –

NaturalHairCareInfo –

RazorEmpress –

xoDVF –



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