Health & Fitness: Weight Loss Journey..Lose 50 Pounds in 5 Months? Help?

black women weight loss progress

This is not my photo, just inspiration.

I’ve never actually Googled how to exactly lose a certain amount of weight in a number of months because I assumed all the advice would be to partake in unhealthy practices. Recently I stumbled upon this website, through pinterest. (Yes, I’m addicted to looking at photos on pinterest!) I’m strongly considering following through with the plan set up for me on the website.

So far since the beginning of this year I started out weighing 238 LBS as of now I’m 211 LBS. *Small clap for me, yay!* How I lost the weight? Eating healthy without moderation. I have had my oopsies where I ate fried chicken or drunk some Pepsi but I never self indulged….okay yes I did! But I didn’t keep doing it repeatedly day to day.

Now that I’ve gotten my eating healthy down…a little or have exposed myself to it 😉 I think I’m ready to head BACK to myfitnesspal and start counting my calories or doing something similar to it. In effort to drop this weight. I also want to incorporate exercise in my regular routine every day. I was planning on working out on the weekdays and taking the weekends off by doing minimal workouts like Trunk twist, squats and a little yoga.

As for eating, you know how you’ll see these healthy pictures of how people have their breakfast lunch dinner then snacks already prepped and ready? Yeah, that doesn’t work for me. Why? You might ask. Well I’ve tried this a million times and it doesn’t work because I never eat all the food I prep. I’m a small eater in the morning so all that time spent prepping goes down the drain for breakfast and lunch. I’ve found that eating healthy small meals for breakfast and lunch helps. Then when dinner comes I cook a big meal and eat that.  Sometimes it doesn’t even workout like that for me and I’ll only have lunch and dinner or breakfast and dinner. Then I save whatever is left over and eat it for tomorrow or later on that night if I’m still hungry.

The hardest part for me during this weight loss journey is going to bed and knowing when to eat.

I really need to get control over when I go to bed. Some nights I only get 3 to 4 hours of sleep others maybe 6 hours. It really messes me up because I have to workout in the morning before 7:30am. Prior to that I have exactly 10pm to 7am to sleep and get my workout in. That doesn’t include the brushing of my teeth, moisturizing my hair and prepping for bed. If I don’t get enough sleep then I always feel too tired to workout and brush it off for later. I’ve definitely got to work on a plan for that. I think a little trial and error.

As for eating…I don’t know when to start eating and when to stop! No one ever clarifies that in all the websites I’ve visited. A lot of people say,”Well I stop eating after it turn 7pm or 8pm”. To me its like,”Okay so when do you start eating again? When do you go to sleep? When do you wake up? Do you eat when you feel hungry??” I’ve tried to stop eating after 8pm and 7pm but then I’ll wake up in the morning around 2am and be hungry as hell. I just don’t understand how it works. I’m going to find some websites like yahoo answers and ask people about it.

Why do I want to lose weight?

I’m going to answer that in another post. That’s a whole another story lol.


So my plan for now…this is just like an outline:

  • Workout Monday – Friday ~ 30 to 60 minutes a day: Leslie Sansone 2 to 5 miles. (Some people may laugh but you can lose some serious weight using Leslie Sansone and its super easy all you have to do is push yourself to finish like any workout). Incorporate squats, trunk twist, wall push ups, windmills and more.
  • Eat a small healthy breakfast and lunch then a big dinner (however big I want it). Make sure to incorporate grains, veges, fruits, meat (sometimes) and water.
  • Do not eat and watch tv or while occupied because it can lead to over indulging.
  • Learn new healthy recipes to keep interest in eating healthy.



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