Natural Hair Tips for People with Sensative Edges

If you’re like me and you big chopped from relaxing then you may have very sensitive edges. My edges have been sensitive for a Long natural 4c hairlong time and while I have seen growth from them during my natural hair journey. Too much manipulation easily  demotes growth. So I try to manipulate them as little as possible and be gentle with them. I don’t use a comb or brush on them only my handles.

Here are some more tips on how to take care of your sensitive edges;

When relaxed, the last place the relaxer should’ve been applied was around the edges and the nape area. The reason for this is because those areas are very fine. Applying relaxer to that area first will cause overprocessing- while waiting for the rest of the hair to be relaxed. You may notice that the hair starts to thin out or recede.

Once you big chop, that hair may look even thinner compared to the rest of your natural hair. If the hair follicles in that area are beyond repair, then you may not see much growth unless you try something like a laser treatment. However, if you’re seeing growth in that area but it’s slow here are a few tips that may help thicken the strands and promote growth:

Make sure the edges/nape area are free from residue/product buildup. – Some of us like to make sure our edges are slick to the rick and we often us heavy products like gels to help us achieve that look. If that’s what you like that’s fine but you have to make sure that you are clarifying your edges with an ACV rinse. You can also detox your edges with a clay or ayurvedic herb (i.e. rhassoul, bentonite, aritha, or shikakai). This will help keep the pores clean, free from buildup and the hairline pliable.

Clean the hairline after prepping your hair for the night. -Using an ACV mix or an alcohol free witch hazel are some simple ways to clean the hairline. 

Moisturize the edges after cleaning your face. – Some of us use facial products that contain drying ingredients and most often we get very close to the hairline. By the hairline being thin naturally, we have to make sure that we’re showing it a little extra TLC. So, after washing your face at night apply a little of your favorite moisturizer followed by either aloe vera gel or a nice whipped butter.

Nightly scalp massages. -Scalp massages increases blood circulation to the scalp. This circulation stimulates the hair follicles and promotes growth. Oils such as JBCO (Jamaican Black Castor Oil), regular castor oil, Vitamin E Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Borage Oil are known to stimulate growth. 

Avoid tension in those areas. If you have a thin side, when braiding or twisting, coil the thinner area around your finger or place it on a flexi rod.

Try to avoid sulfate based shampoos or limit them to once a month. -The harsh detergents in shampoos will strip the hair of its natural oils or cause the scalp to become dry and itchy.

Incorporate ayurvedic herbs such as amla, brahmi, cassia or henna to your regimen. These herbs are known to promote growth, thicken the strands, strengthens the roots, reduces hair loss, treats eczema and psoriasis and controls dandruff.

Incorporate herbs such as rosemary and sage. Use them as a hair tea. Put the dry herbs in your coffee maker and brew. Or, you can boil some water; place the herbs in a pyrex jug and pour the boiled water over the herbs. Let it sit for about 15 minutes or until cool to touch and apply to your hair with an applicator bottle. Leave on for about 10 minutes; then rinse. Supplements – a lot of ladies like Biotin and MSM. They are known to thicken the strands and promote growth.

Protein treatments- monthly protein treatments can also help strengthen that area. You could use a commercially based protein treatment or a homemade protein treatment such as egg and mayo; yogurt and avocado; or the ayurvedic mayo treatment.

Hope these tips help.

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6 thoughts on “Natural Hair Tips for People with Sensative Edges

    • Nooooooooo…not unless your hair needs it which I doubt. You should only give your hair a protein treatment once a month. Too much protein can make your hair dry, brittle and even tangle. If your hair is breaking easily or stretching farther than it is suppose to (like my does sometimes) or even if its tangling irregularly…that’s when you need a protein treatment.

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