Review: Vanessa Express La Jay Half Wig T33B for 4c Hair

I bought this wig as a primary wig to my collection from Let me tell you, I got the wig in 2 DAYS after ordering! 2 vanessa la jay review 4c hairDAYS!!! Now I did pay $8 for shipping but I’ve paid more for shipping on other websites and gotten my stuff in like 5 or 3 days. I suggest these other vendors step it up because Im ‘switching to them for that reason.

Anyway,after looking at review after review I decided to purchase the wig. The curls came as expected because on some channels its pretty obvious the girls tugged and pulled at the hair to give it that afro look. With my wigs I let them get wild on their own lol. I have wigs like Outre Tammy that’s are MONTHS old to a year and I still get compliments left and right because they look wild and natural lol.

The pros about this wig: it blends very easily especially if you have a twist out. If you have 4c hair like me and twist outs only come out perfect every once in a while then you STILL wont have problems with this wig because you can just leave some hair out in the front and pull it over your hair like a bang. The nape of the wig does not get nappy like a lot of synthetic half wigs do. It allows me to basically distance myself from manipulating my hair. It blends perfectly with my dyed hair.

The only con about this wig is that if you have a big head like me, its a snug fit and with snug fits sometimes the combs can hurt. But what I do is just lay the wig on my hair instead of using the combs.

Other than that..I love this wig and I will probably order it again.




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