Goals: What To Do With The Rest of My Life..

I’m a college student or was. This year I attended my graduation. The college that I go to allows you to graduate early if you have one or two classes left. Well I had two classes left so I participated in the graduation ceremony. The plan was to do the 2 courses, Statistics and  History (Online) but I ended up failing statistics and passed history. Along with that I lost my financial aid a year ago so I’ve been coming out of.

Prior to this happening I’ve been feeling for a long time like I’m doing nothing with my life like no matter what I do I don’t ever take a huge step to something life changing for me. Yes I may be happy with what I am doing at the time but I never really feel proud or like I’ve done…enough. Maybe that’s just the Virgo in me but I truly do wish for change.

So throughout this month I have come up with a plan. That will hopefully lead me from point A to B then C lol. I created this chart to make it look…more professional and achievable.

life goals-2

So those are my goals. I hope to have at least 1 done by September. I know they’re going to take some time to complete especially for me but its my life, my choices.




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